Dear Healthcare Facility: We Love This But We Hate That

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pain scale at pain docNone of us love a needle stick, but some technicians do it so well, you can hardly feel it. Last week, a woman took several vials of blood without even asking me to squeeze a damn rubber ball. It was the first time a nurse remembered I have RA and adjusted her procedure! Thank you! (It helps that I have great big veins but I’m used to the eye roll because I won’t squeeze the ball hard enough. Don’t Like.)

I’d waited hour at the lab when they registered me as another Kelly Young. A receptionist asked 3 times, “But aren’t you Kelly M. Young?” “No.” When she realized I was sure, she apologized. Another first for me. I hated the wasted time, but isn’t it much better when we can act like we’re all just people… WHO WILL BY THE WAY, ALL BE PATIENTS ONE DAY?
1. Hate: Toilets low enough to be a toddler potty seat.
2. Love: Healthcare workers who smile.
3. Hate: Lab chairs so high up we are supposed to climb up on them. Lab chairs = high chairs. Again with the toddler thing.
4. Love: Doctors & nurses who answer our questions respectfully.
5. Hate: Doors with the spring tightened so that we can’t open them. Especially if we need to come out of a room.
6. Love: Anyone who says, “I’m sorry.”
7. Hate: Medical assistants who insist they must know more about my disease than I do just because they work in a medical facility.
8. Love: Employees who remember our names. Or at least believe us when we tell them.
9. Hate: Dirty bathrooms. Dirty sinks. Dirty anything. Can we use more of high-priced healthcare to fight illness by fighting germs?
10.Love: I want to bake muffins (if I could anymore) for anyone in healthcare who uses a gentle touch. Even a gentle handshake. Why is that so rare?

What about you?

I’ll bet you have some answers that are even funnier than mine – or more significant to your care. What do you wish a healthcare facility administrator would change TODAY?

Recent happy surprises for RA Warrior!

  1. RA Warrior was quoted in this Prepared Patient Forum piece “Accommodations for Chronic Conditions.”
  2. RA Warrior was featured in Best Practices in Healthcare Social Media “Chair of Cheer” an honor not usually assigned to patients.
  3. RA Warrior was featured on the Swaglove Blog in “How t-shirts helped create a community” telling how t-shirts are more than tools for awareness – they help create a sense of community so we know we’re not alone.

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