Happy Thanksgiving! Not Margaritaville, But Still Sunny

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I’m thankful for you!

Volunteers at RPF ACR exhibit with Dr. John DavisI’m always grateful for this community and the difference you’ve made in the lives of so many people searching for support or who just need to know they’re not alone. Many of us have met in person, exchanged hugs and tears, and felt the bond that comes with living with Rheumatoid disease. Many others I’ve spoken with over the phone, by email, or on this site, Twitter, or Facebook… I’m blessed to know every one of you and I could fill this page with the names of many of you who are on my mind day to day.

(How thankful we should all be for the internet itself – and the freedom to speak our minds.)

Of course living with a thankful heart does not mean everything is easy and comfortable. Living with Rheumatoid disease is pretty far from Margaritaville! But even with the various levels of hardship we all endure, a grateful heart makes a difference, opening more doors for courage, optimism, and change.

The people I’ve met with this cruel disease and those who care for them are truly the most resilient, cheerful people I’ve known. They believe “the sun will come out tomorrow” because they have to. And they’re right; it’s the only way to fight such a long battle.

Cheers! So this Thanksgiving, here’s to…

  • Hope of new opportunities for research, treatments, and a cure for Rheumatoid disease!
  • Greater awareness of Rheumatoid disease with the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF).
  • More opportunities for patient participation in all phases of health care.

Special thanks

There are so many names on my mind and I can’t name them all here but, I have to mention how thankful I am for this year’s RPF ACR volunteers Dana, Shannon, Becky, Jay, Roxanne, Katie Beth, Natalie, Mark, Erin, Samantha, and Janet. For my dear friends Leslie and Barb who keep me sane. And for my mom who tirelessly cheers me on.

Postblog: There’s so much to write about what we learned and our experiences at last week’s ACR meeting! Meanwhile, enjoy a few snapshots of our volunteers!

Smiling RPF volunteers with Dr. Lothar Kirsch

Smiles & laughs while tearing down the RPF ACR exhibit

Kelly and Erin at RPF exhibit

Happy hugs at ACR 2012 Tweet-up

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