Pass the Pickles – and the Croutons

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Kelly by windowDid 2011 seem about four months long? If it were an all-you-can-eat salad bar, I’d want a refund. It went by so fast I think I only got to the pickles.

This month I’ve been more sleepy and fatigued than usual. It might be recovery from traveling the last few months. Or it could be this little thing called RA.

Whether it’s due the year’s end or fatigue, sometimes I sit in my rocker and gaze into space. Thinking about all the things that need to be done for patients. And making sure people can find more than the pickles in their rheum care.

I was amazed that several comments came in yesterday that served as specific reminders of why we’re here – all common themes on the site, demonstrating the concerns we address:

  1. Feeling bad about being in so much pain with a spouse who does not understand. “I have felt broken and scared and as if i was the only one with this disease, with a husband that does not understand and thinks i am ‘wimpy’ and lazy and that i complain too much. Thank you.”
  2. If we don’t speak up, the only voice that the public – or doctors hear – is the drug companies’.The waiting room is full of ‘RA Awareness’ booklets, all published it seems by pharmaceutical companies. All of them show pictures of healthy active women – working, gardening, playing with the dog. All appear to have oodles of energy and joie de vivre, while I am sitting in my doctor’s office wondering if I have the energy to simply keep breathing.”
  3. Delayed diagnosis & frustrated that symptoms are not understood.Sometimes I wish my health-care-providers also had RA so they’d be able to relate alot better to what I’m going through.”
  4. Losing a loved one to Rheumatoid disease.I think it’s wonderful that u developed a site like this for people to research this terrible disease. My dad passed away Dec 11, 2011 at the age of 51. He had battle RA since he was 18yrs old and RA is what caused him to pass…”
  5. Unwelcome life change. “I reduced my schedule to teaching kindergarten just half-time. RA has made me feel like I was totally inadequate. By the time my afternoon class was starting I was in so much pain I couldn’t think straight, much less TEACH 25 5 year-old-busy-children. It broke my heart. So, I went half time. My husband is furious. My children don’t get new clothes for school. It sucks. But I am much more productive and successful at school and at home. It’s worth the money-loss.”
  6. Frequent participation of family members. “One thing we do now that my husband has RA is put all of his presents and the ones he wraps in gift bags. It makes opening presents less painful and hopefully more enjoyable.”

I know I’m one girl with a big voice, but I’m still just one girl. I always say, Together we can do more. That’s why we created the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation to accomplish the things that patients say they need. If you’ve ever wanted to help, please click here and read about what you can do right now!

Postblog: Yes, it was hot enough to wear a tanktop at Christmastime. And my daughter took an unauthorized pic of me gazing with fever and dirty hair. But, hey, it’s real.

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