10 Funny Things I Tell Myself about Living with RA

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Funny things I tell myself about RA (UPDATED)

Living with RA can make you feel like an alien since you’re the only one around you enduring what you do. Often, I talk to myself while trying to get through the day. I try to be encouraging, but sometimes the funny things I tell myself are just silly.

1. Uh oh. There’s something wrong with my knee. What in the world did I do to my knee?

Funny Things I Tell Myself about RA

2. I might end up sitting on the floor in the grocery store saying, “It doesn’t hurt. Really. It’s not that bad.”

3. My imagination is very active. It’s attacking my knees. Oh no, it’s now going after my hips. I have the strongest imagination.

4. I imagine Harrison Ford yelling at people usurping handicapped parking spaces, “Get off my plane! parking space!”

5. Someone tell me how I hurt my shoulder. I can’t seem to remember.

6. Okay, who shot me while I was sleeping?

7. If only I could get into the reality where this doesn’t hurt so bad. Is there a mushroom I can eat? Or a little door I can walk through?

8. I can’t do anything with this right hand, but that’s fine. I have another one.

9. Isn’t it great there’s really nothing at all wrong with my ankle? Nothing at all…

10. I’m okay.  See, I’m just fine? See, I’m still standing. See, it’s all good.

The funny things I tell myself  are my way of saying, “Keep going; don’t give up.”

And it’s even funnier when the list is repeated all day long with different joints. Sometimes the more ridiculous the RA is, the more sarcastic I try to be.

Do you tell yourself anything funny while coping with with RA?

As I update this post five years later, it’s been a long time since I sat on the floor in the store – because it’s so hard to get up. But I’m just as sarcastic with the funny things I tell myself because of the ridiculous nature of this disease. Did you ever ask yourself the name of the driver that ran over your foot? Or how a train managed to run across your bed during the night? Humor is my favorite medicine with no bad side effects.

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