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    1. Deborah Kelly says:

      The shoes shown here are the ones I could wear 20 years ago. Now that my toes have curled under, I can only wear shoes with soft fabric/suede uppers. They are hard to find, because I have to wear extra wide shoes because of other damaged to my feet.

    2. Tammy says:

      My feet have been a major issue too. I found ahnu shoes to be wonderful. I have been wearing the Chrissy shoes for 4 years. I’m trying kuru next. The sole in the ahnu shoe put less pressure on the metatarsal area although it is snug at the toes. With the metatarsal relief, was ok.

    3. susan says:

      I have had JRA for 40 years. I like Naot and Asics. Some people might be interested in knowing that if you have a health spending account and a doctor willing to indicate that you get relief from wearing Dansko or other expensive brand, you could get reimbursed for the extra cost of the shoes. I used to buy Danskos and print out an ad for 20$ “regular shoes” dollar shoes and get back whatever I paid minus the 20$.

    4. Trill says:

      These are the kind I wear. Got the same kind at kmart and put insoles in them and they’re as perfect as shoes can get for me. they touch my joints/ankles, but they’re super cushioned around the sides. I couldn’t find them at kmart, but I found the exact same style at Big 5. I like them also because they are wide, with plenty of room.

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