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I’m happy to share NINE new onset stories with you! People write to me all the time about how helpful it is to find these when searching for a diagnosis or trying to understand a new diagnosis. They paint a much more accurate picture than the textbooks have so far.

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There are still several more onset stories I need to finish posting, but I’m making progress!

KB's feet Elfreth's AlleyHave time for a quick story of mine?

You know how sometimes it seems like things cause needless delays? Last week I was reminded that even these annoying things can work together for our good.

Last week, I went for my eye check-up. A technician dilated my eyes without asking me or telling me. That had never happened before, so at first I thought the drops were the dye the doctor uses to examine the surface of my dry eyes.

It seems we always wait there two hours – and sure enough, it was exactly two hours to see the doctor for five minutes. Roo played games on the iPad while we waited.

The doctor was nice; my eyes are still dry.

One tear-duct plug had fallen out so she replaced it; it takes her about a half a second.

They apologized for dilating my eyes unnecessarily. Unfortunately, my prescription sunglasses are lost and I had driven myself because no one had been available. They offered an antidote to the dilation, but said there are side effects so I declined it – considering it might interact with my other medicines.

I really have trouble seeing in the sunshine anyway with my dry eyes, so, I decided to take the long road home to avoid the highway. More wasted time…

A half hour later at a red light, almost home, I read a text message from Katie Beth. “Please tell me you aren’t on 95.” Turns out there was an oil tanker on fire at the highway exit I would’ve used. If my eyes weren’t dilated, I would have been stuck in the traffic still. And if I’d not had to wait those two hours, I might’ve been nearby when the truck went over.

No way to know. But I’m determined as ever to accept the things I cannot change. Like delays that are out of my control.

And, yes, I agree I should still write a letter to the practice.

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