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My Bulletin Board, page 2

This is the 2nd page of the Bulletin Board. Enjoy!

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Discovery Health has a great drug interaction checker– click here. We’ve tried out several and this one is the best we’ve found. Just scroll through, select drugs you want to check, and click “check interaction.” They even give food interaction warnings.

Congratulations to T-shirt winner Jamie!! Thanks everyone for making our contest a great success!

Rob Thomas wrote “Her Diamonds” about his wife’s painful autoimmune disease. The diamonds are her tears.


“There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with you to take Preniva. You just have to be scared – which you should be.”


Have you seen the Sister Strikes Again video? Someone emailed it to me. I’m not Catholic myself, but it’s still funny.

Me, saying hi & being silly. More serious ones to come.

A Letter to Prednisone. Click on it to enlarge to read. :heart: Thanks, Brooke for emailing this to me. It’s very cute!

The article I wrote for Healthcare Professionals Live discussing barriers to early RA diagnosis: Early Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Is an Elusive Goal.

You will probably find all kinds of uses for this site billed as the clinicians ultimate guide to drug therapy. Of course we cannot treat ourselves, but it can be helpful to know what the doctor or pharmacist is talking about. One of the useful tools is a calculator for equivalent doses of various types of corticosteroids.

This video brought me tears and smiles. I will not say enough to spoil the surprises. Notice the hands and wrists of Judy, the trainer. She was diagnosed with JRA at age 8. Read more about her and her work with dogs here on her site.

If your RA has not been “controlled” by other RA medicines, you may be able to participate in a clinical trial. Here’s one that has recently begun with a medicine called Tasocitinib. Read more about Tasocitinib here on this post. Or click here to go directly to the ORAL Trials website with the toll free number to see if you qualify.

A gem: this 1961 book chapter about RA was exciting to read. I think we are now in the Middle Ages ages of understanding RA. Yet, 50 years ago, this doctor had figured out several things that seem to elude some docs today. I may write some posts about this find.

Look what I just got in the mail. My recipe was printed in this book! Isn’t that fun? (Click image to enlarge.)

I’ve always wanted to know how they make these mosaics out of photos! Here is a free program so you can make your own. Imagine how useful for either a scrapbook or a website. I can’t wait to make one. Click photo to see more AndreaMosaic art or download free program to create mosaics.

coffee cupWatch the International Space Station come together. If you are a Space fan like we are at myhouse, you will love this visual summary of the last 12 years. Click here to watch. Here’s a Space Shuttle launch photo from my front yard. A few more Shuttle watching photos on my Facebook page.

coffee cup Have you heard of the Survivor’s Club yet? “TheSurvivorsClub is the place where people in crisis can come to find resources that have helped other people survive and thrive in the face of health, money, family and extreme crises.” Lot’s of amazing stories and comments on Survivor’s My son wanted us to take their quiz. My result was Steve Jobs -that’s encouraging! He’s a “thinker” survivor. I was surprised, but it probably makes sense. Their free quiz below.

NRAS poster

coffee cup WorkWise: If you are in the UK, NRAS is sponsoring free workshops about RA in the workplace beginning in February. Click on this poster to view it full size. Dates & locations are at the bottom. To view cities and dates on their site or sign up now, click here.

Eli Lilly ad 1966



coffee cup This is so funny. Vintage Medicine Ads. Scroll down to see the Alka Selzer ones and Sun Vu. There are lots of other categories on the site when you finish laughing at the medicine pages for each decade.

coffee cup Open this link & click around on the blank screen for signs of spring. procreo flower You can write your name in flowers. It’s so cool!

coffee cup Okay, we’ve met this doctor… and some of her friends. Only 30 seconds long.

coffee cup What can I say about Patrick Hughes and his dad? Everyone faces some kind of disability at some time. This family shows us how to view them as opportunities.

stick figure link to video 2


Clicking this stick figure will open a window to a creative video by Alan Becker. Amusing, yes. At one point, I was also thinking that it might depict the patients trying to take over the healthcare system… until I saw the ending.


coffee cup Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a free service which helpsPatient Assistance Program Logo

qualifying patients find financial assistance paying for prescriptions.

RA’er Lisa Emrich has written a comprehensive article about finding prescription assistance.

coffee cup “If you think you are too small to be effective,If you think you're too small to be effective, remember me!

you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.” ~ Betty Reese

coffee cup Goat Tears! Funny little video to make you smile when someone recommend’s a Rheumatoid Arthritis “cure.” I had to watch this twice! Only 30 seconds long.


coffee cup My kids built this Gingerbread house on Christmas Eve.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior's gingerbread house close-up

RA Warrior's gingerbread house back door RA Warrior's gingerbread house front door

coffee cup

I was excited today to see that HCP (Health Care Professionals) Live posted my second article on their website!

snowflake2snowflake2 snowflake2

coffee cup Online Christmas Card you don’t want to miss. I :heart: snow!


coffee cup A sweet gift from an RA warrior with a neat blog and home business, Itsy Bitsy Spider. Just sharing my joy!

Fuzzy Wuzzit for RA Warrior

coffee cup The most requested column of columnist Regina Brett:

A List of 50 Life Lessons

I cried when I read this. I’d never read something that seemed so much like I’d written it myself. I have written or said most of the things on this list. Thank you to ThatLynnGirl. blog for this fab find. Warning, the page is not exactly a gorgeous page; it’s the words

coffee cup Here is a just-formed support group for those trying to lose weight with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

coffee cup 100 years ago! The Model T assembly line! The end is so fun. This is the SUV’s grandfather. The end is the best part.


A feel-good dance video: The Pink Glove Dance

Have you seen this video yet? I noticed it last week via Twitter. Anyway, it’s now gone viral. So, don’t miss it or you’ll be left out! 😉

coffee cup Did you see the NYTimes Well Blog feature on RA last week? Comments go on for pages. Interesting conversation. Click the photo to hear the voices of RA’ers!

coffee cup FDA Social Media: If you have a blog, you might be interested in this: a crystal clear explanation of what’s going on with the FDA in the USA with regard to health discussions on the internet. And here’s my little post on the topic, in case you missed it. The FDA may come out with new guidelines in 2010.

coffee cup

Did you notice you can scroll down in the comment smilies now? We have smilies from farm animals to pizza to a pill! :lamp:

Link to RA Warrior's B'day!

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2 thoughts on “My Bulletin Board, page 2

  • November 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I’ve just found this website and it has given me hope and comfort. There are others out there like me that feel the same things that I do. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with RA at the age of 32. My mother also suffered not only from RA but diabetes and died at the age of 47. When I was diagnosed, I really wanted to talk to her about the disease and the things I was going through, but I couldn’t. Reading some of the article and comments gave me the acknowledgement I needed, that this is a bad disease that few understand. The daily trials, I suffer are suffered by other too.

    Thank you for your dedicated work towards RA awareness.

    PS I posted the PSA ad on my facebook homepage and a coworker told me the next day she had no idea that RA was that extensive a disease. It really made her think.

    • November 13, 2010 at 2:46 pm

      I’m so glad you found us, Rebecca. I’m so sorry about your mom. Shared your post with my daughter & cried. And glad we don’t have to walk alone. Thank you for spreading awareness by posting the video. :heart:

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