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We’re Warriors So Fighting On Is Just What We Do

August. We were exhausted and happy after a successful exhibit at the Rheumatology Nurses Society annual meeting. Five minutes later, I realized I was still buried in Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) projects preparations for the RPF’s next exhibit at the American College of Rheumatology Scientific Meeting in Washington, D.C. in November. And, then the hard drive...Continue reading      14 Comments » Read more

Sample Size: 1 of Every 100 RA Patients in U.S. Are Members of Our Facebook Page

Transparent objectives of a patient community As the author of this blog, I’m completely transparent about why I’m here: Stunned at learning what so many RA patients endure, I committed to doing everything possible to change that. The 3 specific goals have been the same for 3.5 years on the About Page, as created during the first...Continue reading      18 Comments » Read more

The Powerful Health Care Role No One Really Wants: Being a Patient

The valuable knowledge of patients with diseases like RA Today, Katie Beth and I flew home from San Francisco where I spoke three times this week: There was a presentation about the value of patient input with chronic conditions like rheumatoid disease, a panel discussion about e-patients and e-docs at Digital Pharma West, and an informal address...Continue reading      17 Comments » Read more

Energizing E-patient Engagement – Collaborations that Count

This blog is not about me because it’s always been much more than a way to share my own journey. This blog tells OUR story – the true story of Rheumatoid disease, the people who live with it, the fight to cure it, and the process that patients have entered to participate in improving our...Continue reading      6 Comments » Read more

Mondini Syndrome Is Just Deafness Like RA Is Just Arthritis. Not.

I was home for 3 hours today in between doctor appointments for my Tiger and I spent that time reading up on his diagnoses. As I drove him to 3 doctors in 2 days, thoughts swirled around and I decided to share some of it with you. This is not about RA, but there are...Continue reading      21 Comments » Read more

Kelly Young Wins WebMD Health Hero Award

WebMD magazine chooses Kelly as 1 of 4 “Champions of Care”! Look what I found on my dresser when we got home from Chicago last night! The new WebMD magazine with yours truly in it! You can click on the images to enlarge and read the text or read the story on the WebMD Health Hero honorees...Continue reading      49 Comments » Read more

The Path of Mercy in Medicine: A Tale of Two Doctors

Physicians enjoy a unique position in our society with unique opportunities to make a difference in others’ lives. With that powerful role, they can choose between a path of mercy and a path of nonchalance. They can be a tool in the hands of God or they can just be a tool. There was the woman...Continue reading      12 Comments » Read more
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