Crossing the Language Barrier of Pain Scales: #Rheum Blog Carnival

If you either live with or study a rheumatological disease, then you know that pain is a ubiquitous symptom and an essential factor in evaluating disease activity. “Pain is a most important indicator of clinical status in rheumatoid arthritis (RA),” Arthritis and Rheumatism. While pain is the most obvious sign that something is not right,...Continue reading      27 Comments » Read more

4 Funny Things about Pain Scale Charts

Pain is one of the most important symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and many other conditions. Pain is the most obviously significant signal that something is wrong. However, pain is also the most difficult symptom to measure. Need for a pain scale Since pain is such an important indicator that something is “wrong,” we ought to find better...Continue reading      61 Comments » Read more

IOM Pain Report Relieving Pain in America Gets Mixed Reviews

Institute of Medicine (IOM) studies pain in America This past summer, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) produced a report on the status of pain treatment in America called Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Treatment, and Research. (You can download a prepublication PDF of the book at that link.) The report recommended to...Continue reading      21 Comments » Read more

Rheum Blog Carnival: Pain Relief in Rheumatology

Hey all! I’m truly amazed and humbled by the blogs about pain relief that I’ve read over the last few days. I hope you’ll read them all. Here’s the original post with describing today’s topic about how to treat pain relief in Rheumatology. We asked about who should treat the pain and when, whether patients...Continue reading      16 Comments » Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief: What Do You Know?

The topic of pain relief came up last week in the Twitter #rheum chat. A couple of people Tweeted that their rheumatologists don’t give them pain relief meds.  I hear that from people sometimes, and I wondered… Whose responsibility is it to provide Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relief? The huge pain study by Strand showed 72% of Rheumatoid...Continue reading      38 Comments » Read more

RA Reality Versus “The Lie”

When everything looks normal but it’s all wrong Countless times I’ve said that I would gladly be wrong about RA. I’d gladly be delusional instead of this sick. I often say “If only I actually were crazy. Then, I could take medication and at least believe I felt better.” Of course it’s a facetious remark, but...Continue reading      116 Comments » Read more

A Rheum Full of Contradictions

1) There’s “remission” when there’s no remission. A newly published study says more pain is seen with an older conception of Rheumatoid Arthritis remission than with newer more stringent remission criteria. “Disease remission has become a feasible goal for most Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients; however, patient-reported symptoms, such as pain, may persist despite remission.” Remission is...Continue reading      29 Comments » Read more

Without e-Patient Input, an ER Experience Can Be Empty

Things that patients know about their health and the wealth of information they find online make input from patients valuable and meaningful. These patients are called e-patients. An e-patient acronym: Expand Participation by Allowing The Input of Evidence Not in Textbooks Hopefully, you didn’t miss the exciting news for rheumatology e-patients acknowledging that by “pooling our knowledge and...Continue reading      52 Comments » Read more

The Isolation of RA Pain: Short Poem Video

Most people with RA talk about how difficult it is to explain RA pain to others. It’s frustrating to be repeatedly told that it isn’t or shouldn’t be so bad. Just today, a woman I met couldn’t wait to tell me about her friend with RA who’s able to do so much more than I...Continue reading      12 Comments » Read more

Patient’s Rebuttal to RA Pain Catastrophizing Claims

Part of me would like to back down. But this pain won’t let me. Is it ironic that I encounter the most cruel RA pain in years at the same time I encounter this argument again about RA pain, catastrophizing, and depression? Relating pain, catastrophizing, and depression to RA Ironically, an article called “Pain, catastrophizing, and...Continue reading      44 Comments » Read more

The Hypochondria of RA Pain: Do I Smell an Elephant?

Hypochondria is an elephant in the room with RA pain The elephant house was always my favorite place at the zoo. We always knew when we were near it …by the smell. So, how can an elephant creep into a room? They don’t exactly tip-toe. Maybe what happens is that nice people don’t discuss certain things, so no...Continue reading      31 Comments » Read more

FDA Limits Acetaminophen in Prescription Pain Medicine

Acetaminophen in prescriptions limited to 325 mg Last week, the United States (US) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reduced the amount of acetaminophen allowed to be used in prescription pain medicines. Currently, narcotics can be combined with up to 750 mg of acetaminophen. The new limit will be 325 mg. That means the Lortab that I sometimes...Continue reading      50 Comments » Read more

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