Accomplishing Thankfulness via Thorough Commitment

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Kelly and JennyThe pieces to the puzzle of me are scattered across this blog. Elephants. Humor. Space exploration. Don Quixote. Determination. Eagles. Pollyanna.

Pollyanna gets a bad rap

It’s stunning to me how some things are construed as opposite of what they are. Somehow Pollyanna has become synonymous with sounding dismissive and detached. We all know people who dismiss serious problems that have no easy answer. “Don’t worry, it’ll work itself out” or “I know you’ll find a way.” That’s nothing like the Pollyanna I know and love.

Who says Pollyanna was a stranger to adversity who glossed over problems with trite remarks?

Florida cloudsPollyanna gave attentive, perceptive responses to others’ dilemmas because her father taught her the glad game to cope with the misfortunes that plagued her: she lost her mother at an early age and lived in poverty without toys, siblings, or playmates. When her Christmas gifts consisted of cast-off items deposited into a missionary barrel such a pair of crutches, Pollyanna’s daddy taught her to earnestly look for something to be thankful for. Even with crutches for Christmas, her wise father pointed out how glad they could be that she didn’t need them.

If you’ve read the book, you know that Pollyanna soon loses her only advantage in life – her wonderful father. Coping with the loss and honoring his life, she pursues thanksgiving at every inconvenient opportunity. She determines to prove that silver linings are the rule and not the exception.

Gratefulness is always good, but inconvenient thankfulness is a higher calling

Friends on escalatorWhat’s inspiring about practicing thankfulness when circumstances are favorable? Not so much.

The more dedicated you are to it, the more meaningful gratitude is.

We can almost always find something to be thankful for – and we should. But when we have to search for it, it’s even sweeter – and more inspiring.


Easy to be thankful for right now

  • Friends who stand by me
  • A GP who is attentive to infections
  • My kids’ health

Silver linings (The Glad Game)

  • Seeing my kids are compassionate people aware of others’ needs because of my illness
  • Getting to travel to exciting places just because of RA
  • Having a unique vantage point to do RA research and help others

What’s on your lists?

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