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PCORI, Is It Worth It to Include Patients?

The patients who read this blog are like dear brothers and sisters to me. I’ve met many in person and it’s like a family reunion. The RAW website and blog obviously speak to others as well – lay and professional caregivers, rheumatology industry, and sometimes the larger patient engagement movement. We’re working hard for change...Continue reading      6 Comments » Read more

Generic Thyroid Medication & a Levoxyl Recall

This is a managing illness story that’s currently unfolding. A lot of people with Rheumatoid disease also have thyroid disease. I’ve been a thyroid patient for over 30 years, but I seldom discuss it because it was so well managed until… Getting the right thyroid medication dose Thyroid medication doses are very individual. Levoxyl comes in 11...Continue reading      54 Comments » Read more

$10,000 Matching Opportunity for Rheumatoid Awareness Day

Another patient's story about what Rheumatoid disease is really like Last month, I shared what it’s like to live with full-blown Rheumatoid disease, taking the gloves off. To provide a glimpse into a world that most will never experience, I described a few hours of trying to move and manage with people who don’t understand what the...Continue reading      4 Comments » Read more
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