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Another patient’s story about what Rheumatoid disease is really like

black glovesLast month, I shared what it’s like to live with full-blown Rheumatoid disease, taking the gloves off. To provide a glimpse into a world that most will never experience, I described a few hours of trying to move and manage with people who don’t understand what the disease is really like, some more compassionate than others. There are 88 comments on the post, many more in social media, plus private email replies. This allows us to share experiences of thousands of patients, over time. Patricia gave permission to share her powerful tale with you.

Getting the gloves off

Ha! I really responded to the title “If The Gloves Come Off…” I was keeping an appointment I had with a property manager during a severe RA flare earlier this week and had worn my wrist braces to ease the pain and render my hands virtually immobile… when I found it impossible to get my winter gloves off. My hands had swollen drastically in the hour I had been travelling to the location of the appointment.

It was necessary to remove the gloves in order to sign papers. I struggled without success and the pain was excruciating. It is not often I allow tears in public and it is hard to decide which was worse… the embarrassment of exposing my vulnerability or my inability to perform a simple task like removing my own gloves.

Low pressure had set into my area in the night and awakened me by applying a blanket of pain over my body about 3:00 a.m. I lay still as my body betrayed me once again, slamming into my neck and shoulder like a falling tree as if I’d been sleeping in the forest. Raising my hands to my face I could see they had grown large and twisted and my toes and ankles were on fire. Hot joints and jaw pain plagued me as I rinsed my morning mouth; I was unable once again to grasp my toothbrush with enough force to brush my teeth.

Yes, sometimes the gloves have to come off… and then there are also times when there is nothing more to say.

RPF Matching donation bannerWith increased awareness of Rheumatoid Disease will come greater understanding of what patients endure. I hope you’ll participate in the first Rheumatoid Awareness Day – read more here.
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