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Kelly and KatieBeth at Houston G5The past three years are positively beyond anything I could have imagined. Do you have a moment?

When I started blogging, I had dreams of this website. But it could take forever to learn enough about “code” to manage it…

We’ll save the rest for another day, but do you realize has at least 630 pages? We have come SO far! Almost all of it has been created by me with trial and error and with my lovely assistant, Katie Beth (now almost 20).

How many times we were up half the night trying to fix the “broken” website? I’m trying not to remember.

We’ve been so busy passing milestones that we spend little time celebrating them! I read an article this weekend by an authority about how to blog. (I was searching for answers to why the website crashed, but more on that in a moment…) The writer said to spend 20 percent of your time writing and the other 80 percent of the time promoting your content. How else would anyone know about it? If you work for hours or days on an article, you want it to be read, right?

This is one of the things I seem to #fail at all the time. Ack! I probably spend 20 minutes promoting for every 800 hours writing. So people don’t realize all that I’m doing. Even regular readers say:

Um, yeah.

Why think about these things today?

  • We passed 100 RA Onset Stories recently! To read 12 new stories, start at the bottom of this page – click here! And there are many more waiting in my laptop.
  • The website has been crashing the past week and we’ve fixed everything we can find. Our server says is just too big and needs to buy more space. Again.
  • About once a year, we make changes to the website so things are faster or easier to find. As I’m able, it’s that time again. It may take a while since I have to fit it in with other things.

Finally, I want to respond to “Don’t you have time to…?” questions. It probably deserves a whole post. But I really don’t have time. I just know I’m working harder than I can remember. Anyone know where to find the other 80% of time the expert thinks we have?

Y’know, I truly enjoy my children at every stage, including those few glorious weeks when I had FOUR teenagers! In the same way, the website goes through growing pains, but it’s still home. Um, yeah.


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Very important recent posts you may have missed while we were crashing:

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