How Do You Keep the Disease from Taking Over?

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traffic from bridgeLast month, I wrote about the Pursuit of Happyness, with Rheumatoid disease – I love how Chris Gardner (Will Smith) sincerely perseveres through increasing adversities until he reaches the part of his life called “happiness.” How do you pursue your life and your goals when Rheumatoid disease just doesn’t play fair? It can be relentless. Or a roller coaster moving target. A painful harsh distraction that pulls on your life in multiple ways.

Several posts on this site talk about fighting to get our lives back and to not let the monster of chronic illness steal who we are.

What are more specific ways to put attention past the pain?

I’ve realized how much it helps to take a short walk outside, or to force myself just spend 10 minutes on the beach where I can see the big sky! It helps to simply focus on my children or friends, watching a funny show or anything that makes me laugh. I’ve even made a list of ways to take my life back – they’re  mostly little!

Yes, Rheumatoid disease is a thief. But we fight back! And we’re armed – with creativity and persistence.

What do you do to keep the disease from taking over different parts of your life?

For this special blog carnival, you’re invited to share what you do to keep the disease from taking over more of your life. You can inspire us right now in the comment box below. Or do some brainstorming and come back with more ideas. Or if you have a blog, write a post about what you do to fight back and keep illness from taking control.

What to do: Write a blog post about the topic by April 8. Email me the link and title to the post you wrote about the topic. Visit the carnival post on this site April 10 to see all the participants and read all the ideas.

Remember: Sometimes, the little things make a huge difference too. This exercise is meant to provoke hopefulness and courage – not guilt! If the only things you have time or strength for are to try to hold on to your job or barely help keep your house together, don’t feel bad if others give suggestions you can’t accomplish!


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