Huge 1-Day Coupon for Rheumatoid Arthritis T-shirts


Rheumatoid Arthritis t-shirt store coupon: 45% off

NOTE: Visit RA Warrior’s NEW store with rheumatoid arthritis t-shirts, mugs and more – click here! The older designs are still available & lots of new ones! rheumatoid arthritis t-shirts and gear

I got an email announcing this t-shirt coupon from Printfection, the company which prints our RA t-shirts. Here is the deal they sent:

“On Saturday, February 5 you can save 45%off all products for 24 whole hours. It is a great time to stock up or get a one of a kind gift for Valentines Day!” [SALE ENDED]

…and soon we can get the long-awaited BFF designs!

new bff Rheumatoid Arthritis t-shirt

Here is the coupon code:

Coupon Code: FEBLUV11
Save up to 45% off

Important: they are going to take 45% off all of our t-shirt store orders today only not including the 3 dollars that goes to the RA Warrior website or the 2 dollars on drinkware. Just use the coupon code before midnight MST.

Rheumatoid Arthritis t-shirt for BFF

When can we get the new BFF RA t-shirt designs?

In a few hours! There are a couple of new designs like the ones pictured here. I’ll do my best to get the t-shirts finished early Saturday! Tonight my son Bear turned 16 and I was so happy I could make chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and spicy hotwings to celebrate! My sore eyes would not let me finish this tonight so I’m scheduling this post to go live tonight anyway!!

new JRA t-shirt

NOTE: If this is your first visit, please proceed to the next post on the front page! There is usually a lot more substance to our posts. This was a once in a lifetime deal and I had to get the word out.

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