If I Were Not Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis: 10 Things I’d Do

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Flowers in the desert at sunset, a rare site.

What if there were a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis or you had a genuine remission from living with RA?

Like many, this post is inspired by a conversation with another person living with RA – actually, several conversations.  We aren’t dwelling on the negative, just dreaming about what we we’d love to do. I thought sharing it here might provide a hint of realism to those who do not comprehend what we lose while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Some of these are things I would like to do again because I thought they were so wonderful, I did not give them up voluntarily. Others, I’ve never done before –bet you can guess which ones.

10 things I long to do

  1. Get a dog. I could not imagine my life without a dog, but here it is.
  2. Build beautiful gardens. I moved right before RA, leaving mine behind.
  3. Finish my last quilt.
  4. Ride a bicycle.
  5. Go to medical school & become a doctor so healthcare professionals would listen to me tell the truth about living with RA.
  6. Walk in an “arthritis walk,” pointing out how to the press that countless people cannot participate for themselves.
  7. Paint intricate decorations onto hundreds of delicate buttery cookies. Give some of them away as gifts – Hey, they taste too good not to keep some.
  8. Run for an hour on the beach barefoot at sunrise.
  9. Have another baby.

I could not finish my list. It was too hard to choose one thing and leave everything else off the list.

I’m sure your list is unique.  What did I leave out?

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