Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Weathering RA

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Managing RA like weather

I love brisk frosty mornings. They seem to make you step brighter. I feel like I can do anything on a day that begins that way.
I love cool crispy evenings when you can wear soft fuzzy socks. They say comfort is possible; the world is a cozy place.
I love wind. And clouds. They speak of movement, freedom, transformation.
I love all kinds of storms because they are unpredictable and strong. They remind me that the world is powerful and thrilling.
Snow is one of my favorite things on the earth. Snowflakes are evidence that God delights in making us each unique. And that He renews all things; a little coat of snow makes the world entirely new!

RA can be like a rainout

It’s funny how anything – even the weather – can influence our attitude. We have expectations, whatever they are, and we are disappointed when they are not met: Rainouts are disturbing.

And a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis can be seen as an immense rainout.

What we need is a plan to weather the storm. What will we do if things get worse? How will we be managing Rheumatoid Arthritis for a few more decades?

Resignation versus buoyancy

It is one thing to tolerate bad circumstances. We have all had a time when we had to “stick it out.” That is resignation.

But, it is another thing to actually persevere. That is to continue on with an attitude of persistence and resilience. That is the spirit of survival that is so prevalent in the breast cancer awareness movement.

It is toughness, but it is more than that. What I am describing is buoyancy. Weather buoys are built to weather the weather. Yes, they are bounced around, but they still send out signals defiantly. Our goal is to be like that.

My best friend is always reminding me, “You are the beach ball.” Yes, I get pushed under, but I am buoyant. So I push back up. You do get wet in the storm, but you are not shipwrecked. You don’t stay down.

As RA’ers, most of our days are filled with difficulties. Sometimes, we find shelter in God’s love. Other times, we huddle together and weather the weather with one another.

Nevertheless, I am praying for lots more of those days that I call “no weather” days. You know the kind of day? You can do whatever you feel like doing and you don’t sweat it.

Appreciating change

There is no season such delight can bring
As summer, autumn, winter and the spring. ~William Browne

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