My Dear Friend Renoir: a Poem on Life with RA

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This poem is one reader’s sentiment about fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis after the model of Renoir.

Oil paint palette

by Eveira Prados

What a shame I felt and I still feel,
When the contemplation of quitting invaded my mind.
Thoughts that keep telling me,
“What a mess!”
“Is this real?”
“How am I going to survive?”

I took the liberty to write to you this humble letter,
My dear friend Renoir
To tell you my story,
And talk about your art.

One grey day,
While appreciating the beauty of your amazing art,
During one enlightened moment,
Right there and then,
Astonished I realized,
My dear friend Renoir;
That you, the master of artists,
Great virtuoso from the start,
Like me suffered from the same illness,
But in your case unfortunately,
It turned really bad.

Upon that educational second,
My dear friend Renoir.
I promised myself, to make time for me and my tiny world.
I promise I will draw,
I promise I will teach,
I promise I will write,
I promise I will play with my girls.
I promise that RA will not take the best of me,
It will not take my time and determination.
I WILL enjoy what I love and prioritize nothing else!

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