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3 Responses to “Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trials: 10 Facts”

    1. Dalene Koekemoer says:

      What you dont say is that it could lead to your death – refer to the contract that I signed for biological medicine. Yes and I nearly died. I cancelled the contract. Nobody after my cancellation did any body tried to find out how I am.

      Thanks but never again – you are just a gimme pig!

    2. Cahya Trisady says:

      Nice post! I wish I could take part in clinical trial, but unfortunately I am thousand miles away from the US or EU. Thank you so much for sharing, it is a lot of new information for me, because I am still 20 years old and just knew that I was diagnosed RA. May God bless you!.

    3. I think it is really great that you have summarised the positive aspects of taking part in a clinical trial. These are all points we stress in my department in a UK National Health Service hospital. Our patients have limited access to “biological” treatments and we may have to offer them in a specific sequence. Many hospitals can only use a total of 3 biologics in any one patient for NHS treatment. With clinical studies the doctor gets some flexibility too.

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