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    1. Pamela Montgomery says:

      What a wonderful job you have done Kelly – I am SO proud of you.
      Absolutely NO OTHER site is as informative, helpful and chock full of information that is necessary for the RA patient.

      Bless you for all that you do my friend – I am so happy I found this site.

    2. Pamela Montgomery says:

      I don’t know how you do it Sister but I am so happy that you do!

      Long night for me – have a wonderful restful day – you deserve it – no other site, blog, medical page anything has helped me or even come close to what you have given me.

      You are a blessing in my life!

      Bless you and the whole Warrior Ohana!

    3. Ronda says:

      This is a very valuable tool- the RA button. Great Job! Gonna put it on my page. Thanks

    4. Taffy says:

      EXCELLENT! Great job Kelly. Informative and to the point. You rocked it sister!

    5. tharr says:

      Thanks for doing this Kelly, it is a great tool. I wished something like this would have been in place 7 years ago when I was diagnosed.

    6. Lelani says:

      Hi! Oh my gosh, this is the best blog. I’m so glad I found you! I have RA, diagnosed in 2006, and I decided from the start to fight it. I have managed to maintain a pretty active lifestyle and after people asking me questions all the time, I started blogging my workouts. This led me to find other blogs about RA. I wish I would have found yours before. I found some forums that were SO negative. With this disease, attitude makes a huge difference. I am adding you to my list! Thank you!!! Lelani

    7. Nikki says:

      Love the button! Have put it on my page for family and friends to have a quicker understanding of my disease. Thank you for always a job well done!

    8. hey i am so gald to find this site…it feels good to have some one to talk to about how u feel…i have been recently(a week ago)diagnosed with RA tho the RA reports are negative…i was suffering for a year with the pains.. my life has come crashing down.m young and thinking about my future gets me down.the miseries never seem to end…but i want to fight don’t know how hope this site helps me with that. thank you kelly for this wonderful site. hope it brings the change in my attitude towards my disease and life.

    The Post

    Comments (11)

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