Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain, and Truth

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A fairy tale ending to Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain?

My phone rang Friday afternoon. The cheerful woman on the line encouraged me to “Enjoy a life Free of joint pain.” She said for $59.95 she would send me a product “Guaranteed to reduce inflammation and rebuild your joints.” After only eight ounces per day for one week, she promised I’d see a difference.

Let me tell you why she called. Last week, I noticed an infomercial with a woman who claimed to be a doctor selling a product called Supple. When I heard them use the words Rheumatoid Arthritis, I began scribbling down notes. When they gave the 800 number, I called.

After I listened to the sales pitch, I started asking questions like “How can this help cure Rheumatoid Arthritis? How can you use the word cure with an incurable disease?” We talked for about 20 minutes. I posted some of her claims on my Facebook page. I maintained a smile, but I pleaded with her to consider that she might be misinformed about what Rheumatoid Arthritis is and whether their product could end Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain. Some of it was actually quite funny.

Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain is not polite

So, I guess they called back this week to see whether I’d come to my senses. This second woman was even more insistent than the first. She said Supple “will help Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yes, that is a severe arthritis, but it does work! It’s high quality glucosamine…”  I asked her why my doctor doesn’t prescribe those ingredients to me. She said she didn’t know. Well, I do.

Most of you have never met me in person. Maybe you don’t know that in a conversation, I usually won’t bother to disagree with anyone. People don’t need to be corrected; they need to be listened to. However, the issue of Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain is different.

I’d like to be polite and defer to people who think that Rheumatoid Arthritis is really no big deal, but I can’t. I’d love to be able to be gracious and let them have their way, but my joints won’t let me. I’ve tried to get into their reality where Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain is mild and curable, but I can’t find my way to Oz.

Looks like I’m stuck here in this world where I can barely move and every joint is screaming in pain. I challenged the woman at Supple to read some of the comments on this website to see if that changed her mind. It’s the same way I’ve challenged the editors at Woman’s Day magazine to just consider the facts.

I can’t do very much physically any more. I push myself as far as I can just to fold a few pieces of laundry or wash my hair once a week. But, there is no way that I will back down on the reality of Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain – I don’t have that luxury. Someone else is going to have to defer this time.

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