Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Groups

Local Rheumatoid Arthritis support groups

The following are contacts for groups which meet in-person for RA or autoimmune arthritis support. Some of these Rheumatoid Arthritis support groups are affiliated with larger organizations. You should contact a group directly for more information about meeting times and places. Some meet regularly for coffee and others are more or less active than that.

The benefits of Local Rheumatoid Arthritis support groups

Meeting other people with similar experiences is always helpful. However, with a disease like RA, it is even more valuable. Imagine not having to explain how much it hurts or why you can’t do something or why you’re not better yet. Meeting members of a local Rheumatoid Arthritis support group is almost like meeting relatives at a family reunion!

Finding a Rheumatoid Arthritis support group

If you don’t see your location listed below, please check the comments page. Many people are leaving their names in comments, hoping to find others. Remember to use your email address if you click to Subscribe to Comments so any new replies will be sent to you automatically.

A new Rheumatoid Arthritis support group

If you are not finding local Rheumatoid Arthritis support in your area, maybe you can find one other person with RA and have coffee together. Together, the two of you make the beginning of a new group. Our friends at Arthritis Introspective would be glad to help you. Before you know it, you could be making an impact on the lives of others living with RA. Here is a link to receive their free training guide about being an independent support group facilitator.

If you begin a new group, you can announce it to other RA Warrior readers in the following ways: Send me an email so I can add you to this list and mention your group on Facebook and Twitter. Place a comment about your group on the comments page  here so that anyone who has subscribed to comments will hear about it.

Peter                                Phoenix, AZ
Kevin                                Tucson, AZ
Susan                                Tucson, AZ
Marilyn                              Indian Wells Valley, CA
Denise                              Orange County, CA
Melanie                             Irvine, CA
Jena                                 Santa Clarita Valley, CA
Rhea                                 Napa Valley, CA
Francine                           Santa Cruz, CA
Catherine                         Sacramento, CA
Lauren                              Thousand Oaks, CA
Haydee                             West Los Angeles, CA
Karen                                Jacksonville, FL
Kelly                                  Central Florida
Carol                                 Largo, FL
Elizabeth                          Atlanta area, GA
Diane                                Elgin, IL
Donna                               Louisville KY
Mary Kay & Tammy            St. Louis, MO
Karen                                 Boston, MA
Stephanie                          Lake Tahoe, NV
Missi                                  Schenectady, NY
Annette                             Dayton, OH
Angel                                 Oklahoma City, OK
Cate                                   Portland, OR
Mary                                   Southwest PA
Rose                                  Venango County, PA
Kate                                   Rapid City, SD
(New leader soon)             Houston, TX
Larissa                                Austin, TX
Nancy                                 Northern Vermont
Amy                                    Seattle, WA
(Restarting in near future) Milwaukee, WI

NOTE: If you would like to recommend another local RA support group for this list, please have the local group leader contact me directly. Thanks.

These are independent groups that we have listed for the benefit of readers. RA Warrior is not specifically affiliated with any of these groups. This list is alphabetical by state.

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