Santa, Bring Her a Rheumatologist Please

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Wanted poster: rheumatologist

Wanted: good rheumatologists

Sonya’s tweet brought me a smile. So much truth in so few words. Those of us with rheum diseases like RA need a good doctor the way most people need a reliable car mechanic. We might crash and burn without it.

This is short for two reasons:

1) I don’t have a long list of requirements. It’s pretty simple.
2) I want to hear about what you want or need in a rheumatologist!


Santa bring me a rheum Tweet

My list: rheumatologist wanted who…

  1. Performs joint examinations and accurately records medical history.
  2. Uses suitable tests for monitoring disease progression and to help insure safety with prescriptions.
  3. Stays up to date on current tests, treatments, and research.
  4. Does not try to use rheum factor lab tests or CRP the way endocrinologists use blood glucose tests, but asks patients about disease activity.
  5. Will fairly communicate with patients on an adult level without any type of abuse.

Treating RA is not easy and we know the field is changing quickly. Rheumatologists can learn more about RA by listening to patients and not scoffing at their symptoms, or rolling their eyes, or making rude comments such as “At least you don’t have nodules like some b@$%&* do!” or “Just get over yourself!” (Those are real recent comments sent by readers.)

Let’s boil it down to what really counts.

What do you want in a rheumatologist?

Note! I get lots of letters asking to help find a good rheumatologist. And this will only increase when the new Rheumatoid Patient Foundation site is opened. If you have a great rheumatologist, you can leave his or her name in a comment here to nominate him / her for the recommended rheum docs list. We are building a great list. We will ask if they’d like to be on the list and a patient’s name will never be mentioned.

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