Seeing Light and Shadows in Groundhog Day and RA

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TODAY, February 2nd,is the first Rheumatoid Awareness Day. Read more below about how you can be involved.

Amateur actress shares Groundhog Day’s special place in her heart

My sweet friend Steph, one of the bright treasures that I have gained from living with this disease, sent me a story in an email yesterday. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy it as a follow up to the Pursuit of Happyness post yesterday.

Just a funny note. Groundhog day has a warm place in my heart, so to see it as even more special is ironic to me. When I was in 1st grade. I got the bug to be an actress. My first play was about the holidays through out the year.

Oh I wanted to be Miss Valentine. She would wear a beautiful dress and have bows in her hair. She would read a poem about love!!

But alas it was not to be. I was chosen to be the Groundhog. I wore a long gown that was yellow on half and black on the other half. I had a dunce cap that was dark and light. I carried a flashlight and read a funny poem.

I was so disappointed. It is kind of like how I feel about RA now. I still dream of the beautiful dress and bows, but that is not how it played out for me. I still do community theater but do a lot of character parts and really have fun with them.

So maybe that is how I should think of my RA. It is not the beautiful dress and bows, but the dark and light gown with a dunce cap. Sometimes it is light, but sometimes it can be very dark. Though it will never be the beautiful colors of the red and white dress, it still has its bright days.

groundhog_ribbonNote: For Rheumatoid Awareness Day, many are writing letters to media or representatives, or creating local activities. You don’t need to go anywhere to participate! Read here and here about how you can be involved and make a difference. Today, February 2, there will be a Twitter chat at 7 p.m. EST here. This is just the beginning – subscribe to this blog and for reports on the days’ activities.

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