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  • How to Live Like a Warrior: 3 Lessons

    How to live like a warrior in the midst of illness or trouble. Three simple lessons about focus, self-control, and rising above circumstance.

  • Reaching Beyond Limitations: Nike versus Yoda

    “Not running sucks” & “Don’t just RUN your mouth” I stopped short when I saw this Nike t-shirt display in a mall recently. I had to get a picture of these t-shirts and ask the salesman, “Do you sell a lot of these? Do people like them?” He said they do. I just smiled and […]

  • 3 Rules of Fair Play for People Living with Rheumatoid Disease

    Rheumatoid Awareness Day is only ONE day away. Join us this morning February 1 at 10 a.m. ET for a special Twitter #rheum chat. RPF is inviting clinicians, patients, and caregivers to Tweet at least once to help spread awareness. Join in by just adding “#rheum” to a Tweet – or click here to read […]

  • Ashton Kutcher on Opportunity, Being Sexy, & Steve Jobs’ Advice on Life

    Surprise speech on life at Teen Choice awards This week at the Teen Choice Awards, popular actor and tech investor Ashton Kutcher (Christopher Ashton Kutcher) described “3 amazing things I learned when I was Chris.” Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in the upcoming film Jobs (opening this week). I watched the video of Ashton Kutcher’s short […]

  • Seeing Light and Shadows in Groundhog Day and RA

    TODAY, February 2nd,is the first Rheumatoid Awareness Day. Read more below about how you can be involved. Amateur actress shares Groundhog Day’s special place in her heart My sweet friend Steph, one of the bright treasures that I have gained from living with this disease, sent me a story in an email yesterday. I’ll hope you’ll […]

  • Painless Meme for Rheum Mates

    Often, I begin a presentation explaining “being an RA patient doesn’t define me.” Then, I share some things that do. Like being a mother of five amazing young people.  Growing up near D.C. and still loving all things Washington, especially the Redskins. Rainbows, rockets, and running on the beach. Bee Gees. Tobymac. Chicago. Margaret Becker. […]

  • A Tribute: Oyster Suppers, Patient Advocacy, and Ice Cream

    We lost someone very special yesterday, the last grandparent in our family. Her name was Mary and I want to tell you that she lived a long, healthy life to the age of 96. But decades ago, she’d become a patient advocate. I don’t even know whether that was a word back then. Nevertheless, after […]

  • Letting Fumbles Strengthen the Heart

    Like most people, I was always proud of what I could juggle and how many balls I could keep in the air at once, while making it look easy. Most of us also know that living with Rheumatoid disease changes that. One by one, I’ve had to put down things I’d rather have continued. I […]

  • Hoping Really Hard: 2 Battles I Fight to Win

    Two things I’ve been hoping for with all my heart, so I’m doing all I can If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know I talk about hope as a verb – something you do. Hope is not something that some lucky people just have. When you’re actively hoping, you’re probably doing as much […]

  • The Mouse in My Pocket: We Are Not All Alone

    RA can be Isolating. Even with loved ones, we might feel lonely because they don’t know what we’re going through. Our friends can’t visualize the ice-pick that’s stabbing us or appreciate what it’s like to move around in cookie dough all the time. Being alone is not all bad, but feeling cut-off sucks Being alone […]

  • Accomplishing Thankfulness via Thorough Commitment

    The pieces to the puzzle of me are scattered across this blog. Elephants. Humor. Space exploration. Don Quixote. Determination. Eagles. Pollyanna. Pollyanna gets a bad rap It’s stunning to me how some things are construed as opposite of what they are. Somehow Pollyanna has become synonymous with sounding dismissive and detached. We all know people […]