Thinking about Love Bug Season & People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The love bugs are swarming now in Central Florida

I’ll never forget my first moments in Florida. I remember it plainly. It was the shock and awe season – otherwise known as love bug season.

I had gotten on the plane with my new baby in Albuquerque in the snow. It was about the first of May. After I landed in Florida and collected my luggage, I headed for the airport’s big glass doors. They slid open and I walked into a wall of 98F degree temperature, 98 % humidity, and 98% love bug density. How do they breathe here? I wondered.

Twice a year, the love bugs come. They only last a few days, but their fervor makes it seem longer. They are in your hair, your car, and your house. They fly kind of aimlessly, connected together, hence “love bugs.”

Wherever you go, everyone talks about one thing: how hard it is to get love bugs unglued from the car. When you drive through a swarm, your hood can be covered with them. As you drive up the interstate, you hear them pelting like loud rain into the windshield.

People with Rheumatoid Arthritis get through it together

Life can be a lot like love bug season. You’re barreling down the highway and suddenly you are in a swarm of splat. Pretty soon you can’t see out the window.

It’s like that for some people with Rheumatoid Arthritis: One day you are marching down the Yellow Brick Road; and the next day, you’re molested by pointless painful attacks. It reminds me of that first especially dense love bug season – I thought, “What the hell is this?”

You know what I’ve noticed? Just like everyone talks about how to get the love bugs off, people with Rheumatoid Arthritis like to talk a lot about how to get through the assault of RA. We can’t eliminate love bug season or RA and there’s no magic way to clean up the mess. We just get through it together.

It’s been a difficult love bug season for me…

Sometimes, things that bug you seem to get glued all over your face – just like love bugs on the car. RA is certainly a hateful thing, but most of the people with Rheumatoid Arthritis that I’ve met are quite the opposite. Here is a little quote from a letter that lifted me up this week at the height of a truly buggy time.

“Hi Kelly, Good Morning!!! Hope you are doing well … I keep the email you sent me in my purse everyday in order to encourage me to be strong and help me get thru the day.”

It had been several weeks since I had written. I can’t show you the rest of the letter, but the purse part brought tears to my eyes & cleaned off my mental windshield for a moment. Maybe there is a magic way after all.  xo

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