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    1. Cyndi Yates says:

      Wow…I just finished reading this article and also the other symptoms you wrote about in a following post.As I read them,I am just in tears and extreme fear!!! I AM the poster child for EVERY single symptom and yet today my health care provider said my RA panel came back totally negative!!! So she has just chalked it up to ‘regular’ inflammation…Is that even a thing??? I am going thru so much pain with no answers and I am so lost and on the verge of losing a wonderful,yet still new job!!On the day I got my blood work done,she did send me home with 4 scrips…hydrocodone/actepetiphen(sp?) combo,gabapentin(sp?) for the nerve pain,ibuprofen for inflammation AND a steroid(prednisone).After a full week of these meds. and reg. alternating of ice & heat therapy,yes,the swelling in my left knee is almost completely gone But there is still pain there and the pain in my left shoulder,hip and thumbs also keeps me reminder that they are there too.It is a lot better and manageable at this moment but I go back to work tomorrow(a job that requires 8 hrs. of bending,squatting,lifting,pulling,pushing grasping and walking)and I am in a near panic as I do not know how I will do & I feel it will be The deciding factor on if I will be able to continue :( I don’t know what to do next. Should I start contacting some specialist? Do I need a referral? If you have ANY info. that might help me,please let me know.I DO know my body and I KNOW there is more going on in there than just some minor inflammation and I NEED help.All of this has also made a tremendously negative impact on my mental health because I don’t feel like anyone is Really listening me :( :(

    2. Alison says:

      Mine started in my right hip. I woke up with pain that felt like I slept on it wrong, that ache, but when I moved it didn’t get better. It got worse. A big red flag went up.
      Then a few days later my other hip did the same thing. Then my shoulders and wrists followed.
      I was diagnosed two years later with Severe Seropositive Rheumatoid Arthritis. That was 12 years ago.
      My hands have been the last to go.

    3. handicap mike :) says:

      hello fellow unfurtunates! my issues stafted about 10 years of age,I remember being asleep,rolling over to a sharp pain in my lower back,and not wanting to move agian lol. Sometime it would shoot down to my toes,sometime up to my neck and eye-twitching with pain. Mama was talking about growing pains,so I thought everyone experienced that deep throb. In juniorhigh I was the track star,wrestler,even though I couldnt attend every practice because of pain..then my knee gave out during a meet,ER doc said bursitis-we need to drain-I limped so fast outta there. Couple days later I was normal. Highschool,Myfeet&ankles joined the party of pain,no more basketball..couldnt even sit at desk all period! nurse wasnt qualified enough to point me in any direction. My twenties trying to be responsible and work,Ive lost many many jobs..its hard to explain the BURN and loss of mobility to supervisor,how you grind and clench all night your jaw is sore lol,I quit asking WHY LORD as a child. Mid 20’s Ive been to ER so many times they quit admitting me in kansas-which only gave IB800’s that has stomach tore up now. Tired of crawling to bathroom I made my way to nebraska 2004,stayed at homeless shelter finally obtained a primary care provider through the state,and was diagnosed with athritis. It was a start :) We started from gout,lupus,connective tissue,fibromyalga,sciatica,Ra..and now being treated for akylosing spondilitis at the athritis center. Federal judge retired me at 31,now 39..never give up,trust in god! Im not totally good-dont expect to be,the rain still swells me terribly,immobilizing. Ive tried celebrex,embrel,countless others over the years-currently on remecade which I feel works better&lyrica that calms the radiating shocks of pain. Thanks for sharing your stories,Im having another sleepless night cause of pain,my hands and knuckles are tripled,tennis elbow and a ball under my left foot lol,I know your pain! keep striving to live,god bless mk

    4. Tameka Davis says:

      I dont really kno if i have it or not i just start getting this pain in my right hand now its hard to pick things up and turn knobs or tie shoes i was looking for information and came across this but if u have more info on the situation please feel free to email me i would surely appreciate it

    5. Lisa says:

      I was diagnosed with RA about 6 months ago. But I know that I’ve had it for several years jusr not knowing what it was. I guess for me the first symptom was extreme fatigue. Next came both hips.. I could not lay on my sides for more than 2 minutes without them killing me.. then the shoulders and knees. After dealing with all of that for quite sometime I decided to go have some bloodwork done and immediatly they were calling me into the office to tell me that I had RA and Lupus. After much bloodwork at my rheumatologist thet ruled out Lupus. So I am jusr dealing with RA. Only now am I having pain in my hands and feet. . I’ve been told that my feet is caused from nueropothy but I think its RA. I hope this helps someone.

    6. Sue says:

      Is anyone on here recently??
      (all the comments I read her from 2012)
      I have had doctors Poopoo my request and suspicion of RA in Roanoke Virginia for years and now I’m 66 and barely can walk
      I am seeking support from this group and will request a rheumatology appointment ASAP after reading some of your comments
      Thank you !

    7. Fay bromley says:

      Hi .I have suffered with RA for around 6 year’s I’m now 33 and feel like I’m 80 .both my arms are bent and I’m unable straighten then which makes sleeping comfortably very difficult .my knees are swollen and my left thumb hurts to touch I also get pain in my hips and my jaw .a lot of time I hurt all over how I explain it is like someone has punched me and the pain you get after that .I feel fatigued all the time .I’m so stressed at the moment as I need to find a full time job as me and my partner will be struggling otherwise .there doesn’t seem to be much help for RA I feel very much alone . People don’t realise how much pain you are in .just because I look ok doesn’t mean I am I have just learnt to hide it very well . Sorry about the ramble …ps I’m from England

    8. Paula says:

      I’ve been freaking out for about a month now. I woke up a month ago, tried to get out of bed and my wrist would hold me to push myself out of bed. I was like what the heck….all day it was like that. 2days later I couldn’t even push open a door. Gone the next day. I thought thank god. Next day my right ankle was so bad I had to take the stairs 1 step at a time. For the life of me I thought it was all in my head. Next day that was gone and later that night my shoulder, I couldnt move it. Ra factor and sedrate neg. Ana-positive. Went and seen a rheumatologist today. She ordered 15 test =8 vials of blood. Scared, axious, nervous,and just plan tired of it already. You All Who Has Years under your belt are mega warriors. Not sure how much of this I can handle. Praying they find a cure. Until then.

    9. Karen says:

      The RA showed its ugly self in my shoulders and chest first. I made 3 trips to the ER thinking I was having heart attacks because the pain was excruciating. On Thanksgiving Day 2004 I made the third ER trip and luckily happened to see the first ER Doctor I had seen approximately 2 years before. After some tests, he said, “I think you may have RA.” He suggested a rheumy to my primary care physician. My inflammation markers are always low, even during a flare. So, my first rheumy said I did NOT have the disease. He was a difficult man who once hit his fist upon the table and proclaimed, “You do NOT have pain!” I was not allowed to use the word and could only use the word ‘discomfort’ in his presence. 2 weeks after he said I didn’t have the disease, I returned to his office with both hands wrapped in towels filled with ice. I spent 7 years with him as my doctor and cried with joy when he decided to relocate and I received another doctor from the group. A lot of things about RA aren’t easy. Personally, I don’t want pity but I worry sometimes about suffering and pain. Like you, I know the difference between life with pain and without it. We do have to keep pushing for good care. It won’t happen if we don’t!

    10. Paul says:

      Hi All , my nanna was critical with it my Mum has spur’s on her spine her fingers are twisted and knarled and can’t hardly walk and is in so much pain poorlove , I have know turned fifty my fingers are now starting to twist my joints in my fingers are painfull my thumbs feel if they have been pulled out of there sockets I can’t do much Manuel work with my hands without realy suffering for days after with pain , I’ve been to the doctors he looked at me if I was waisting his time after going back 3 times he reluctantly sent me for an xray I rang up after a week and was told it was negative please tell me were do I go for here .

    11. Kelia says:

      Hi im 20 years old i have 2 jobs and im usually on my feet from 11am – 11pm tuesday-saturday. Ive been working since i was 18 so my heels have always been hurting so i thought it was due to my shoes so i just buy those dr scholls things to put in my shoes, thinking it would help. Well a couple days ago i started experiencing this really bad pain in my knees.Its also been a little cold, so i figured that maybe could be why. But now i feel like this pain is getting worse i can barely walk now it hurts so bad everytime i bend my knees back, or try to walk. And then to top that off my ankles are starting to hurt as well. It also came with allergies which made my tonsils huge, headaches severe back pain but it always hurts. My grandma gave me some tylenol arthritis pain medicine. Which didnt help my knees at all but my back pain is gone. Im still taking that medicine but my knees continue to hurt. I went to the er because i dont have a regular family doctor. I told them everything thats been going on. They only focused on the sick parts. All they did was take blood, check for strep and made me go in a cup. They told me i had a slight uti didnt hqve any other infections and thats it. But they never examined my knees, never took xrays or anything like that. Shouldnt they have checked my knees? I mean i can barely walk wouldnt they need to do something im just so confused…. i think i can have arthritis my grandparents do so it can be inherited.

    12. Heather says:

      I don’t know what is happening!
      I cant open my shampoo ,pickle jars,vegetables,my hands shake bad,my arms get sharp pains from shoulders to fingertips.Sometimes its hard to eat and my chest will hurt bad for a month at a time starting this year.I have C.O.P.D but that affects my legs and sleep at night.C.O.P.D causes restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea .I will stop breathing in my sleep or wake up choking.but thus arm pain is new and its so bad I can not sleep.If I sit for to long my back feels broken it takes a while before I can stand straight scared that this is a heatt attack pain

    13. Lisa says:

      I just wanted a little input please. I have seeing my regular doctor for almost 3 years with joint pain and occasional swelling. He finally did an RA Factor which was low positive and referred me to a Rheumatologist. She noticed a little swelling in my knuckles and did an exan. She said she was sure it was not RA, but ordered hand xrays and lab work. Her nurse called me after 2 weeks and told me I have RA, my CCP was >3oo but the rest was normal and the doctor wanted to see me in 3 months. x-rays showed osteoarthritis throughout hands and wrists. Any input would help. Thank you so much!!

      • Lisa, I’m not sure why the 3 months wait? It’s critical that rheum disease is treated asap. Can you see if there is a waitlist to get in earlier or call another office? Or maybe start you on some medicine or getting prepared for that (immunizations that might be needed, tb test, or lung x-rays for example) by meeting with a nurse or your regular dr. In case you haven’t, you might read the RA Map with a lot of newly diagnosed info.

    14. Lisa says:

      Thank you Kelly for your quick response and the helpful information. I am going to start looking for a different Rheumatologist as well as make an appointment with my primary physician to discuss my concerns. I am 55 years old, have a full time job, and have 3 small grandchildren. I need to be active for a long time! Thanks again for your time and information. This site has been a blessing. :-)

      • ok good. Since the symptoms have been teasing you a few yrs, something needs to be done. Hopefully you’ll respond to 1st line meds & be able to keep moving like you said.

    15. Mary says:

      I was just recently diagnosed with RA after a year and 1/2 of not feeling well. I frequently would have a fever, or just feel like I had no strength. I constantly ached & had swelling in my legs and feet. My feet ached and I changed shoes frequently during the day. My doctor prescribed a low dose of thyroid medication, and a mild antiinflammatory which caused severe swelling (14 lb weight gain in 4 days). So I was put on a diuretic. The thyroid medication seemed to help a little but sometimes I still just felt not well but nothing specific. Before Thanksgiving I gave up and went to a med stop and had bronchitis. Between then and the 1st of March I had it 4 times, and had never had it before. A couple months later I got up out of bed and had such intense pain in my right foot I almost fell.I really thought I must have broken it. When it got worse trying to walk on it I called a podiatrist and was able to be seen late in the day. While sitting there my foot doubled in size but xrays didn’t confirm anything broken but I was put in a boot and a antibiotic. Got better quickly so in 2 weeks he said just wear when needed.. Next visit I was back in the boot and a scan was done which indicated inflammation that was probably arthritis. Finally I got in to see a rheumatologist. We’re still trying to find the right med that will keep any flares at bay. Fortunately I was 65 before being diagnosed and research has come a long way. No one will say for sure that the illness prior to now had anything to do with the RA now but enlight of the fact there was never a reason or diagnosis I think it did. Besides the pain in my feet there hasn’t been any deformity.

    16. David Lloyd says:

      First had pain in shoulders that kept me awake and so affected my work. My doctor was very good and picked it up quickly. Later on it was feet then wrists.

    17. Elle says:

      Feet and eyes followed closely by hands and wrists then spine.

    18. Angie Huffhine says:

      I had extreme fatigue for an entire year before it hit me. My right hip was in so much pain. I couldn’t figure it out because it wasn’t muscular at all. It hurt so bad I went to urgent care and left with a steroid shit and felt better. A month later my right shoulder did the same thing and a few days later my left shoulder. A week after that I woke up with classic bilateral redness and swelling in my hands and wrists. Could barely dial the phone and couldn’t open the door or brush my teeth. I immediately knew what was up because I had been in medical school when all this started. It was classic and hallmark. Got into my GP and every test came back clearly positive. I was 24 at the time and am 32 now. I got remission for 6 months last year and it was incredible. I have two nodules on my left elbow and one on my right elbow. My outer joints of my feet are deformed. My right foot is worse. This last flare has caused a lot of popping and catching in my wrists which I never had before.

    19. Angela Grazier says:

      I will start by saying I do not have typical RA, and actually have characteristics of 4-5 autoimmune diseases, but not completely any of them. I started with urticaria gives….came up got bigger all day; would go away overnight…everyday! Then my left wrist, then left hand. I was asymmetrical at first, but now have frozen joints in both hands. Strangely when it went to my hands it started in the distal, small end joints first, another supposed “RA doesn’t do”. Right foot has arthritic ridge in mid-foot. In almost every joint of my body….even the top of my nose & skull plates!

    20. Kristin Berry says:

      Knees! Mine affects large joints, not small. Knees, hips and shoulders. I’m not typical per my Rheumy.

    21. Libda says:

      I was diagnosed with Fibro years and years ago, then osteo have had both knees replaced and one shoulder ( and need the other shoulder done) then I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after back surgery and a fx T12. Then diagnosed with R A I have hurt as long as u can remember nothing doesn’t hurt I am on Methotraxte and am fixing to start a biologic. I’m really scared of the biologic drugs. Dad had RA, sister had RA mother had osteoarthritis real bad. I often think had I known then what I know now, would I have had 3 kids. I gave a 52 year old son that is going to have a knee replacement next month. Other son has had 2 back surgeries at age 40ish. Life goes on

    22. Marty K says:

      Spine for me. I had back and spine chronic pain for about six years before the onset of pain in other joints. As a result, I didn’t know it was RA until the other joints started to tighten up.

    23. Diana Allison says:

      In my 30’s I noticed if I held a knife for long periods of time, I could not get my hand to uncurl. I heard about glucosamine and it went away. I had bumps on the joints of my hands at this time too. I said something to my doctor and he said it was nodules(Sp). He never said anymore about it and soon he moved. At age 48 I noticed that when I exercised my knees felt like a rubber band that was being stretched. With in 6 months every joint in my body was inflamed. It took 6 more months to find out it was RA. It never showed up on the tests. For the most part Humira keeps it in check. I ache some, mostly just tired all the time.

    24. Peggy Edwards says:

      Both hands, fatigue.

    25. Elaine says:

      My first symptom was in my right shoulder 31 years ago, I thought my arm was going to fall off. My mom took me to the doctor and it took months for them to diagnose me. Eventually it went from my right shoulder to the left and it took off from there.

    26. ellen w says:

      Hands. Knuckles and 4 fingers on dominant right hand. Fatigue. Swelling, lack of mobility and function. Fatigue. Yes, I put it twice because I was exhausted. 7 years later still right hand, plus neck, knees, right ankle and general malaise. Still on dmards. Cannot bring myself to try anything else. Off Prednisone for 2+ months-I have a love hate relationship with Pred.
      Was thinking that patients who have Cancer eith get better or they die. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

    27. Wendi says:

      My first pains were completely random. Right hip ached So bad it was difficult to walk. A mid dx episode of carpal tunnel at urgent care. Trip to orthopedic b/c it felt like I broke my thumb. He’s the one who suggested a rhuemy. Next flare up I saw my PCP and had blood work done. Palindromic rheumatism was the initial dx.

    28. Kim says:

      My RA started in my feet. I was having pain first in my right foot, then it went to my left foot. I had nodules on the very top of both feet. It was very painful to walk. I actually thought that I had a fracture or something, but in both feet? Then swelling started, then the same pain and swelling in my ankles. I went to an RA doctor, where she did blood work and MRI. My blood work came back off the charts for ESR and CRP. My actual Rheumatoid Factor was negative. My doctor told me that even though my RF came back negative did not mean that I didn’t have RA. She told me that it happens that way often. When she received my MRI results it totally confirmed to her that I had RA. She said that the MRI showed that I had bone marrow edema which is definitely evidence of RA. The pain has gotten so severe that it is very difficult to walk. I often get fevers, and suffer from fatigue. I have been diagnosed since June 2015, but symptoms began about 8 months before that. My feet and ankles are the only place I have RA at this time. We are still trying to find a treatment that will help. Methotrexate did not help. I was allergic to Enbrel, so the doctor is going to put me on Humira on my next visit. I’m praying that it helps me. ??

    29. Jamie says:

      I wasn’t diagnosed until my hands and fingers started acting up. However I can go back 15 years and it was my feet that hurt for years first. My neck and back too. I always blamed it on something else. When I was diagnosed they said I already had holes in my bones in my toes, ankles, fingers and writs.

    30. Linda says:

      Mine was both hips, then left shoulder, right shoulder, followed by both thumbs, knees and now feet. All within 6 months. It’s been horrific.

    31. James says:

      I would have to say my hands. I was having severe pains in my hands and could not grab or hold anything. Had Depo-Medrol shots two times in 3-4 weeks and then referred to a Rheumatologist.

    32. Kim says:

      Kelly, my injection site on both my thighs turned very red and swollen, and about 6 inches in diameter . This happened on a Sunday, after my injection Saturday evening. I started running fever, then began vomiting . I was admitted into the hospital for 3 days. I also had a fever, which was strange. It confused the doctors also. My temp was 102.6…..they put me on very strong steroids and I V antibiotics . I was already taking MTX injections, but that was in my stomach. Since I was completely off of my feet for several days, and the strong steroids….my feet and ankle pain was almost gone. The first time in over a year. Unfortunately, it’s back with a vengeance . I can’t wait to see my RA doctor Jan 28th. I hope Humira works.

    33. Karla Richardson says:

      Woke up one morning and right hand was red, swollen, and very painful. Went to ER. Doc took one look and said “You need to see a Rheumatologist.” And that’s all she did. Of course, I didn’t. A few weeks later, same with left hand. Still didn’t see Rheumatologist. The it felt like I was walking on rocks. Then couldn’t walk because of knees. Finally saw Rheumatologist. All tests negative, but he said I was a classic case. Started meds, took about 8 weeks for meds to kick in. And the rest is a roller coaster ride with RA, Sjrogren’s, OA, Osteopenia, and Osteoporosis. TA Da

    34. patti says:

      Feet first just like described above then knees and then the hands. The pain can not be described when the toes and fingers turned about 45 degrees! Omg the pain! They aren’t finished either! God bless us all with this disease!

    35. Helen says:

      I went undiagnosed for 3 years. One dr was treating me for familiar medetration fever. He had me on gout tablets. My first attack was in my knees with pain radiating down my legs. It was the worst pain. I also had a high temperature. I went to a lot of different Drs had lots of tests, no one could help as I gradually got worse.
      We moved to another state, I was too sick to work. I then went to a dr who is a rheumatologist and an immunologist he diagnosed me almost immediately. I have been diagnosed now for 6 years. I started a new med Cimiza injection 3 months ago as well as lots of other med and today is the best I have felt in years. I trave 1.5 hours to get to my dr. I will never change dr he is so lovely. If I have any issues I email him between visits and he always responds the same day.

    36. Lisa says:

      My first RA symptoms were in my feet way back in 1990. Although I do think I experienced RA pain in my knees as a child and teen. My feet/toes are deformed. I’ve had them operated on because I could no longer wear shoes comfortably. However, sad to say they are deformed once again. I won’t have surgery again. RA just wins out so I just learn to adapt.

    37. Tabitha says:

      For me it was my left knee when I was 12. When the swelling wouldn’t go down, the doctor said it was Jr. Arthritis. The doctor took me out of all sporting activities. Then 3 years later my right knee had the same problem, but the pain was worse. The doctor then states it was growing pains and from being a female. The doctor gave me a J-brace to wear. I still have swelling and pain, but just iced it. Then about 9 years ago both knees stated to swell and the pain was back. My right knee was bent at a 45 degree angle for 6 months and had exploratory surgery, before anyone would start to test me for RA. I was having my both knees drained every few days. A few months later I was diagnosed with RA and started treatment immediately. My leg did straighten back out for the most part. I still have a terrible till with swelling in my knees. I also have issues with my hips, ankles, and wrist. But my killer is the knees. I’m only on Prednisone right now, due to having issues with most of the other drugs out there. I was taking Enbrel but had a reaction to it. I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced it by taking it ? I wasn’t able to use the whole left side of my body. The pain was out of the roof. My hand was clinched and I wasn’t able to even begin to get it open for almost 6 hours.

    38. Kathryn Damron says:

      My first symptom was over whelming fatigue. Like I was getting the flu and no matter how much I exercised more and more, it wouldn’t lift. I had stiffness and soreness in my hands and feet, but no swelling or redness. I went to my GP asked for an RA and he was annoyed a bit, as he didn’t think it possible. My numbers came back very high on RA Factor and following two other tests to confirm were off the map. He put me on Plaquinel and for 6 years my symptoms became worse and worse and, I developed nodules and my numbers continued to climb. I changed Rheumatologist and he said no matter what my numbers were, no swollen, red joints, no RA diagnosis. He took me off the Plaquinel, I left confused. Since being taken off of Plaquinel I feel 10 years younger, less stiff, more energy and still don’t have red swollen joints, despite my high and scary numbers. I’m left thinking they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    39. Kathy Zubok says:

      Feet, then after it had spread to all of my other joints and still no diagnosis…pleurisy. I thought I was dying. That was 36 years ago. Still a warrior.

    40. Jody says:

      First symptoms, that’s a difficult question. For a couple of years my “pointer” finger would swell and then turn completely black. By the time I’d consider going to a doc the color would vanish. Then one day I had THE episode. I will explain by telling you that it felt as if I was having a heart attack in my knee. I suffered withit for about 10 hours when I grabbed the phone and sobbed to my Family doc. I pleaded with the office for an appointment. I went in and thank God he didn’t dismiss me. I told him I didn’t do anything to it. He believed me and sent me for blood work. I was honestly shocked when he called the next morning with a diagnosis of RD. But looking back I believe I had it for several years b/f the incident. I clearly remember my son one day getting aggrieved with me. He turned around after I said, I’m not feeling well. He said, “Mom you’re ALWAYS sick. Huh, it appears that he was correct in his diagnosis.

    41. Beth Coats says:

      30 years ago I went to Dr. with hip pain both sides. He dismissed my pain as “running wrong” as I was very athletic and active. As a result I self medicated with tons of aspirin over the years.Finally was sent to RA doc when overall pain became debilitating. Could not get up or down. Steroid shots made me feel wonderful for about two weeks but pain came back worse than ever! Now at 60 have had both hips, left shoulder, left ankle replaced. Now have stenosis in neck causing both arms to “fall asleep” Can’t afford to go on disability, so I struggle to go to work each day to save up for next surgery on neck.

    42. Catherine Miller says:

      My first symptom that drove me finally to ER one day was in my feet and ankles. They were so swollen and so painful all I could get on was slippers. I had to have a friend drive me as I could not walk. My hands have at times been involved, but never to the degree that my feet, ankles, and knees have been – and it’s now 5 years post diagnosis. And yes, it took about 3 months post going into ER before they officially called it RA. I don’t know, maybe it was due to the lack on problems with my hands. Grateful though. If my hands had “gone” first, I doubt I could keep working.

    43. Pam says:

      My first symptom was pain in my second toe on my right foot. I had just had shoulder surgery and my husband was concerned about the pain I might be having from the surgery. I explained to him that my shoulder was fine, but that my toe was killing me! I had worn some new sandals to my son’s wedding that had rubbed a blister so large on my toe that it was incredibly painful. After the blister healed, the pain never subsided. An internet search provided the answer, RA. We, of course went to the rheumatologist and had blood work done and the diagnosis was confirmed.

    44. Julie says:

      Minor injuries that wouldn’t heel – big toe and wrist, and excessive fatigue

    45. Sally says:

      Started in back thought to be kidney infection then shoulder which was a very deep bony pain like it was broken. Wrist hips neck and feet, hands and eyes last. I’m also gluten intolerant tummy flares really effects arthritis X thank you for all your info you give us it’s invaluable ?

    46. Chris says:

      My first symptoms were fatigue. I always felt tired in the morning, and even with a long nights rest,
      still struggled out of bed. I felt under the weather and as I had started a new job with immense stress
      And a new baby in the household. Parenthood was a huge change for me,
      I assumed these early fatigue symptoms where related to my job and lifestyle.
      I was drinking caffeine , five cups a day to keep lasting through the day.
      Medical Doctors, could not determine the cause and I was initially wrongly diagnosed as depression.
      Although I felt happy in my life, if was more depressed hearing this.
      12 months later I had pain in my left foot. I thought it could have been from gardening, but the pain persisted, night pain, tenderness for months. I new something wasn’t right and I went for further test, radiology of my feet showed deterioration and concern. Blood tests provided the confirmed diagnosis.

    47. Carolyn Smith says:

      My first symptom was my left shoulder then moved to the right shoulder after that all my joints were attacked within 3 months. I have had severe RA for 31 years.

    48. Mahua Datta says:

      I’m a RA patient. From last 11 years I’m dealing with it. Day-by-day, condition became worsen, with more pain, inglamation, deformities, flairs.

      For the first time, 11 years back … I duagonosed by hand problems. My hand, wrists got stuffed. Small joints of fingers deformed. And nodules came in sight in feet along with it after a little while.

      Now, wrists are ullnerly deviated, hand fingers have swan neck deformities, and my left foot is moved inwardly by some deegrees. I feel difficulties while wearing shoes. For RA nodules, I’ve to wear shoes of 1 size up. And my knees are reduced by almost 30%.

      And moreover, recently I’m feeling inflamation and dryness in my eyes.

      These are what happened with me. Still I feel that, a beautiful smile can give the boost to push to live positively.

    49. Mike Buchanan says:

      Right shoulder. Though I did have carpal tunnel surgery a year before shoulder surgery (misdiagnosed as a rotator cuff) that cleaned up some arthritis problems.

    50. Roger W. Schultz says:

      Sevier pain in my right caller bone and extreme fatigue.

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