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Hang in there: there’s a point to this contest!

Last spring, RA Warrior held a contest which promoted the idea that we are warriors fighting a disease. I designed an avatar modeled after Wonder Woman to use to enter the drawing. We had hundreds of postings of the contest on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. There is no way to measure how many people learned about RA through the contest, but there were many cool stories. (See the contest winner story here: Yay, Jamie!) 😀

The the focus of this contest is helping new people become aware of what we are doing in our community & helping them learn more about supporting loved ones with RA (YOU!)RA skeleton t-shirt

1st things first: the Prizes!

First prize will be a Hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) or T-shirt from the RA Warrior store, your choice. Second place will be an RA Warrior Drinkware item (mug or cup) of your choice.

There are some fun designs suitable for fall and Halloween season, so you don’t have to wait. You can order something and still enter the contest for a chance at another item!

How to enter

To enter the contest, get anyone new to sign up for our newsletter, The Spear. It should be easy. The Spear is currently a short quarterly email so they won’t feel over-committed or spammed. If they read it, they will get some nuggets of what’s going on with RA Warrior and be tempted to learn more.

For more chances to win, get more people to sign up! You can make as many entries as you want! Just send me one email before midnight EST November 15th listing the names of those who signed up for the Newsletter. We’ll have a drawing on or before November 19th. (It may take me a few days to confirm all of the entries. And I’ll be arriving back)

Signing up for the newsletter is an easy 2-step process:

  1. Fill-in email & name spaces on this newsletter form page.
  2. Click on the confirmation email that arrives immediately after that.

Together we can do more!

I’m glad for the opportunity to write the blog and send out a newsletter, but I can only reach so many people by myself. Together we can cast a very wide net. Good luck in the contest!Warrior woman RA t-shirt


Send ONE email to by the deadline of midnight November 15th naming everyone who you helped to sign up for The Spear newsletter. They must have clicked on the confirmation email.

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