3 Rules of Fair Play for People Living with Rheumatoid Disease

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RAD-2014-CB-matching-donationRheumatoid Awareness Day, February 2, is on Super Bowl Sunday this year. It’s fun to imagine the groundhog throwing a football. But there’s actually no connection between football and living with Rheumatoid Disease – or is there?

In one way people living with Rheumatoid Disease (PRD) are like NFL players. NFL players are the only other ones I know of who perpetually go back “in the game” or “stay on the field” hurting like hell. Both sometimes get a bandage or a shot before they willingly force themselves to keep pressing on.

I have a son who’s played quite a bit of football and in some ways I think he “gets” what it’s like for me to live with RD. He would no sooner quit and come out hurt than I would quit life.

Living with RD is rough work. When I try to stand up on these knees, a voice in my head says, “It feels broken. Who keeps walking on a broken knee?” Who else would be expected to keep running no matter how bad it hurts? Football players. Well most of us don’t run anymore, but walking is hard enough some days.

I know we’re tough, but let’s be fair to ourselves…

Rules of fair play with a chronic painful disease

Dont-forget-to-play-poster1) Get what you need: Do all you can to be as well as possible. It’s wearying, but important, to take good care of yourself in every way. NFL players have trainers, therapists, and coaches after all.

2) Be fair to yourself: Keep expectations reasonable. And throw a flag if they get out of hand. NFL players have referees after all.

3) Don’t let a disease steal your joy: Who you are on the inside is not necessarily limited by what happens to your body. Remember to have fun.  NFL players are playing a game after all.

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