Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Housework

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My house is dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis too

My house has become a casualty of RA. Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis has made it harder every year. The list to-do list gets longer as the list of what I can do gets shorter.

I can’t wash dishes – they’re too heavy for my fingers. I can’t scrub the floor or anything else for longer than a few minutes. My fingers or elbows or shoulders just give way.

I still maintain responsibility to dust my old cranberry glass collection – from when I used to wander through old barns and antique malls looking for buried treasure. It’s only been six months since I have dusted it. Certainly my fingers will feel up to it tomorrow.

The only other chore that my kids let me claim any more is laundry. It is laundry for lightweights, without ironing. I’ve got this modified ironing down: I remove an item from the dryer at just the right moment and smooth it out with ironing spray on the kitchen counter until it is smooth and dry enough to hang off my canopy bed. There, the ceiling fan finishes it off.

Works well most days – as long as no one wants to cook anything on the counter.

The ironic part of dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis & housework

The housework issue is one that RA patients talk about in a nostalgic way. They say things like, “I remember when my house was something to be proud of.” Or “My home was a reflection of me and I loved to entertain.” Or “I truly enjoyed being highly organized and house showed it.”

I remember wanting everyone to meet the old me – the me before RA – the one in the scrapbook. My own house beautiful was a big part of that. Ironically, it would have been easier if the old me had been more of a slob. I wouldn’t have any guilt feelings about these laundry baskets. By the way – those are just the clean baskets. There are some dirty ones around here too.

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