Painless Meme for Rheum Mates

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Kelly at Washington MonumentOften, I begin a presentation explaining “being an RA patient doesn’t define me.” Then, I share some things that do.

Like being a mother of five amazing young people.  Growing up near D.C. and still loving all things Washington, especially the Redskins. Rainbows, rockets, and running on the beach. Bee Gees. Tobymac. Chicago. Margaret Becker. I miss seasons, snowmen, and my own cooking.

Let’s learn a little more about each other with this painless meme.

In many cases, this disease is the reason we met, but it’s definitely not the only thing that holds our community together! We have shared laughter, pain, hope of a cure, and determination to make that happen sooner.

Here’s our easy-going rheum meme

What’s a meme? It’s just a set of questions that we each answer. Put your answers to the questions in the comment box below or post them in your own blog and leave a link to that here in a comment.

  1. What is one thing that defines who you are, regardless of RA? My faith that God loves me and will cause all things to work together for the best.
  2. What’s one food you know they must have in heaven? Peaches. Fresh fried fish. Ok, 2.
  3. Name a song that takes you to a happy place? So many! How about Dancing in the Moonlight? Or Tonight (below).
  4. What’s your favorite city and why? Washington. My childhood.
  5. Name 1 thing that you have learned by living with Rheumatoid disease? Deep. Long. Patience.
  6. What medication has helped you the most with RA symptoms? The least? Most: 800 mg ibuprofen with Lortab. Least: Biologics being like apple juice.
  7. What do you most wish health care professionals understood about RA? How constant disease activity is.
  8. What is something about you that would probably surprise most people about you? I don’t stress over anything very often.
  9. What is something about you that would probably surprise most people about your RA? Everything is easy compared to RA.
  10. What is something that you want to be remembered for? Never giving up.

Almost two years ago, we had an amazing response to our first Warrior meme about living with RA – click here to read. You can still reply to that one too! Or maybe you just want to read what other warriors said about living with RA.

Important note: I’m sorry. If you get my blog in your email box as many of you do, the last post was missing something. Apparently, when Google sends out the emails, videos are not included so you didn’t get to see the new video interview I mentioned! Please take a moment to click here to watch the video on RA Warrior or click here to watch the same video on Johnson & Johnson’s YouTube channel. Or both! Increasing the number of views of legitimate RA videos is very important for RA awareness and we can each count for several views. ALSO, please leave a quick comment on the J&J YouTube channel thanking them for having real patient voices there.

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