Same, Same But Different

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Symptoms are like snowflakes: the same, but different.

We see patterns in Rheumatoid disease and say, “See, I’m not alone.” Yet, we also see that no two people are exactly alike because of what I call the immune fingerprint.

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Explore both our similarities and our differences with eighteen newly added RA onset stories! Your stories of how the disease started, in your own words. Same as others, but different. There are almost 150 posted now. And, yes, I still have a few more in my laptop that I hope to post soon.

Did you ever post a comment asking whether anyone else experienced the same thing as you?

Here are some recent comments requesting your input:

  • Worried about side effects: “Will the big ‘D’ and tummy issues ever go away? Am I going to need a wig?” Click here to answer Kris
  • “I would like some feedback from any of you that have large inflamed lumps in the back of my head. They itch and hurt terribly.” Linda
  • “At my last Rheumy appt., my doc suggested that I don’t have RA, because he doesn’t see swelling in my hands. I said they are still very painful. He said, ‘But there’s no swelling.’” Marti

Blog carnival topic: How do YOU keep the disease from taking over?

Have a blog of your own? It’s easy to participate: just write a post this week and send me an email. Click here for Carnival details. If you don’t have a blog, please share your ideas in comments!

Let’s inspire each other to keep fighting!

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NOTE: Your comments are an important resource for future readers of this post in the months to come. Please find the comment link below each post.

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