How Do You Keep the Disease from Taking Over?

Last month, I wrote about the Pursuit of Happyness, with Rheumatoid disease – I love how Chris Gardner (Will Smith) sincerely perseveres through increasing adversities until he reaches the part of his life called “happiness.” How do you pursue your life and your goals when Rheumatoid disease just doesn’t play fair? It can be relentless....Continue reading      68 Comments » Read more

Happy Thanksgiving! Not Margaritaville, But Still Sunny

I’m thankful for you! I’m always grateful for this community and the difference you’ve made in the lives of so many people searching for support or who just need to know they’re not alone. Many of us have met in person, exchanged hugs and tears, and felt the bond that comes with living with Rheumatoid disease....Continue reading      8 Comments » Read more

You’re Cordially Invited to Make SWEET MEMORIES with Other Warriors & Friends! [video]

Our friends at Arthritis Introspective (AI) do so much practical work to help people living with diseases like RA (and adult JRA) to connect for in-person support. Many of the groups listed on our own Local Rheumatoid Arthritis Support page are affiliated with AI, who assists local support groups in various ways. It has been...Continue reading      13 Comments » Read more

Hoping Really Hard: 2 Battles I Fight to Win

Two things I’ve been hoping for with all my heart, so I’m doing all I can If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know I talk about hope as a verb – something you do. Hope is not something that some lucky people just have. When you’re actively hoping, you’re probably doing as much as...Continue reading      20 Comments » Read more

The Consequences of Not Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Sometimes people ask me whether taking treatment for RA matters. Over the last couple of years, I’ve answered dozens of emails with this question, posted on Facebook last week: “What are the consequences of not treating RA?” Why patients wonder about not treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Since I live with RA myself, I know the validity of this...Continue reading      47 Comments » Read more

Video Blog: Two Essentials with a Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

What do you say to someone diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis? If I could meet to every person diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’d encourage them to Expect the best from treatments; Read all of their medical records; Keep up on research. I’d also wish for them that they find doctors who listen well! What else is indispensible with a Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis? Watch...Continue reading      24 Comments » Read more

Encouragement: with a Little Help from My Friends

Don’t you want me to help you with that? No. I want to be able to do it myself. I can do that for you. I know you can, I wish I could. Is there anything I can do? No, I want to feel like I can do something. Do you have any problem asking for help? Or...Continue reading      23 Comments » Read more

The Next Three Days: a Movie Review with a Twist

The movie: The Next Three Days Last night we watched the movie The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe (John) & Elizabeth Banks (Lara) about a professional woman with diabetes who is accused of murder.  Lara loses every appeal and her husband John becomes desperate while watching his wife and their young son Luke struggle to...Continue reading      5 Comments » Read more

Three Fortune Cookies: What We Hope the Future Holds

Fun fortune cookies for the New Year Amanda at WEGO Health created a challenge of three fortune cookies of hope. I’ve taken her up on the fortune cookie challenge for the RA Warrior community. Here are three fortune cookies I came up with last night. I’d love to hear one or three from you! Comment box...Continue reading      5 Comments » Read more

The Goal with RA Is Not Perfection: Don’t Give Up the Things You Love!

As I’ve said, I get wonderful notes every day. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of this blog. Recently, I shared with you some comments that were especially encouraging for all of us. Today, I’d like to share an email. Carolyn wrote to share how she has adapted to be able to continue her...Continue reading      29 Comments » Read more

Your Comments Are a Special Blog in Themselves

Growing up with mom’s RA Every day, y'all write comments, messages, and emails that make such a huge difference in this community. But they also have an effect on me. Tonight I found this gem: Hi all! I don’t have RA, but my mother was diagnosed after she got pregnant with my brother 15 years ago. I...Continue reading      19 Comments » Read more

Perseverance in Fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis

What keeps you fighting? I tried to quit... At one point, I thought I would be fired as a professional patient. No such luck. I’ve also tried to quit Rheumatoid Arthritis. Maybe you remember my Eject Button. I tried to quit another chronic illness once. Maybe you read my ostrich jokes. I haven’t had a lot of...Continue reading      23 Comments » Read more

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