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News about the first RPF exhibit

The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) is well on its way to making history with our little exhibit booth at the American College of Rheumatology meeting this November! Read some details on the rheum4us website – click here about how you can help! You can learn how to send a video clip to possibly add your voice to the mix.

We have also raised a majority of the funds needed, but help is still needed. You can donate to the cause by clicking here – click here.

New RA Onset Stories

The onset story project was one of my dreams when I built this site. Little did I know how big it could become. I’m still not caught up, but 6 more stories were posted last night. The stories are fascinating because of the differences that make each patient unique. It’s also amazing to see the similar threads that run through many of them. I hope you’re inspired by the new stories – click here to see the list of all the stories and read about why we do them! The newer ones are at the bottom.

Please don’t worry if you don’t see yours yet – I’ll post it soon!


Hoodie and sweatshirt sale TODAY

Orange skeleton hoodieThe t-shirt store is having a sale today on all sweatshirts and hoodies. Just add the coupon code: 20%offCold at checkoutclick here to use the coupon.

Facebook Milestone

One more! We now have 11,000+ fans on our Facebook page. To us, it’s more than a Fanpage – it’s another way for our community to connect and build new friendships. But even more, it’s a place that many of us use for gently spreading awareness about RA to those in our world who don’t quite get it yet.


NOTE: I hope you didn’t miss Friday’s depression post. It’s heavy on my heart that some people are hurting and may wait too long to seek help. Also, there’s a link to Steve Woodruff’s free new ebook Clearing Clouds.

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