Chicken Soup for Rheumatoid Arthritis Warriors

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chicken soup RA Warrior cheescakeToday Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior is 2 months old on the web. It is much, much older in my own computer… But we don’t need to tell our true age right?

RA Warrior is unique

The Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior website is as unique as I am. It is impossible to duplicate sincerity. This blog is a true reflection of my own fight. God has made each one of us for a particular purpose. It cannot be duplicated.

Only the beginning

This blogspot page is only the beginning. Soon, you will be able to see what I have been visualizing for a long time. However, watch for a few “Danger: Under Construction” signs as we endure any growing pains.

Hard work

Working on RA Warrior has been extremely challenging, but rewarding work. My own life has been affected by many of you. Comments, emails, messages, and some of your own blogs remind me daily of why I do this and help me keep fighting.

Overwhelming gratitude

Here is part of the list of what I am thankful for:

  • Meeting exceedingly beautiful people
  • Knowing I am not alone
  • Having a good use for my perseverance and determination

I am also thankful that the Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior blog has continued to grow through what is called the summer dry spell for the blogosphere. Even with this timing, RA Warrior has thousands of page views and dozens of splendid followers. We have also gained over 200 Facebook fans in only one month. (Are you a “fan” yet?) Usually that requires advertising or an outside source of promotion. We are just us. You and me!

Woman’s Day Update

I was blown away by the way you responded to the Woman’s Day article on Rheumatoid Arthritis! Your comments were good enough to be whole blog posts! I will try not to be intimidated by how clever ya’ll are!! (To read their article & comment on their website, click here.)

What’s new here?

I have added twitter to the blog. You can follow me there to see what I am up to (in the few moments when I am not writing). A few folks have asked about linking to RA Warrior or tweeting about our pages. PLEASE tweet and link away. We want to share!

I have also installed copyright statements. Basically, the point is “NO fishing.” Of course, I know none of you friends would! But, I want everyone ELSE to know that this blog is protected by U.S. Copyright law.

New to RA Warrior?

After you have read posts, I recommend you check out the “comments” pages. Many are rich with information and passion! We’d also love to hear your views, so add them. Even “older posts” are only a couple of months old. They are still relevant and folks stop by and check them out all the time.

All in all it has been a good birthday. Only a few new wrinkles. Let’s have some cake.

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