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    1. Alison S says:

      LOL… Kelly, I absolutely relate to this! I have purchased a 6″ memory foam topper for my bed, and a memory foam knee pillow, and still my bed feels comparable to sleeping on concrete. I so look forward to your post on sleep issues, I feel like I drag myself through a fog of sleep deprivation daily!

    2. shweta says:

      i totally love it when a serious issue like RA is spoken about with such ease, along with a dash of humor…. once i went shoe shopping with my dad and stepped out of the store crying out loud because i had developed swelling in my feet while trying the shoes on and still couldnt find a single pair which wouldnt feel as if i was walking barefeet on stones!! the shop guy’s expressions clearly said “what a spolit brat…thinks she is too damn special for even the most expensive pair of shoes in the store”

      • Shweta, I’ve had the same experience at a shoe store. I was in complete agony. My feet were swollen huge & I felt like I was standing on rocks inside my skin. My dr. had sent me there for “healthy running shoes” & everything I tried hurt too much. The guy at the store thought I was nuts.

    3. Caysea says:

      LOL! Love the art, too! :)

    4. URandomnessK says:

      great post, could totally relate and my husband and his father call me the princess and the pea LOL! i cant wait to show this to them!! cannot wait to hear about sleep issues, I am so tired of being tired and tossing and turning…

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    7. Speaking of sleep and feathers, this is just too funny – click here. Thanks for sending it, Pam.

    8. Terri Polson says:

      that was good

    9. Leigh says:

      OMG, how appropriate after the lousy night’s sleep I just had!! I just couldn’t get comfortable, was itchy, my bad knee just throbbed…..I’m dragging butt today, but I had to laugh when I read this. Thanks for being so timely, once again.

    10. Janet Andrukonis says:

      Sometimes I dread the thought of going to bed and want to cry because I know how miserable the night will be. Very hard to get the required hours of sleep when you wake up every few hours because of pain.

      I have heard a lot about memory foam toppers so that is on my list now to buy.

      • Janet, I was that way to until I got my new bed a couple of years back. Now I sleep like a rock & that is my favorite place. You might want to read the posts on sleep here and here. The end of that last post describes my personal bed solution – I just encourage you to find one that is comfortable. It makes a difference.

    11. Frequently, and undiagnosed, a friend comes with the RA called Fibromyalgia. This, I think, is where the “run over by a truck” feeling comes from. I have both. Feels like every cell in your body is achy.

    12. Joan says:

      :inlove: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: :worship:

    13. Raini says:

      I was actually looking for an article on nodules, as I’ve found a lump on the inside of my elbow that is painful, when I came across this…very funny stuff! I can so relate. Mixing the nodules and sleeplessness, I have a couple of spots (1 on my rib about midway up my back on the right side and 1 on the rib under my right breast) that when I touch or lay in such a way that puts pressure on them, it makes me wanna stick to the ceiling like the cat with claws when spooked!! OMG it hurts! Anyways, they don’t look like the nodule pix that I’ve found on the internet, so I don’t know if that’s what they are. Any input? Thanx heaps!!! <3<3

      • Hi Raini, elbows are typical for nodules, but usually on the back I think. But they can be anywhere. Did you show your doc? Can you get someone to take a picture too in case it changes before s/he sees it?

    14. Jackie Kanbara says:

      I laughed when I read this……for years I have often thought of this fairy tail when little things about my bed made me hurt and feel like there was a mountain where only a crumb exsisted. I have only just been told within the last couple of months that I have RA.

    15. naomy says:

      For years (21 at least) I have explained to everyone that I could not sleep well because I felt like the Princess and the Pea. I have never heard anyone else use this, but this must be a VERY REAL issue in the lives of our RD friends. The right bed can make things so much better. I couldn’t buy a featherbed at the time but I had 6 nice feather pillows,so I put them next to each other under the mattress pad nicely and It worked wonders. Hang in there and HAPPY SLEEPING wishes your way.

    16. Lynn says:

      I love it! Ineffective Rheum #3 prescribed sleeping pills (and nothing else) when I spoke of this particular symptom. I started laughing because I totally thought she was kidding!

    17. andrea says:

      I think one could add a pillow count to DAS28. 5 or more is a symptom.

    18. Carolyn says:


    19. Jacqui says:

      I was so pleased to read this, for years I have not slept well dispite buying over the last 5 years a new memory foam mattress, a new deluxe pocket sprung matress, mattress topper and too many pillows to shake a stick at! I am not going mad! Wishing all RA warriors a good nights sleep x

    20. Tracey says:

      pricess and the pea is exactly how I have described it to my husband. Thank goodness for the information that you share.

    21. Jennifer says:

      Some nights my bed feels so comfy and then other nights the pillows are rocks and the bed fights back.

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