Faith Quotes and Serving God with Our Daily Work

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Next week, on May 17th, the blog will be one year old. The blog has taken the largest part of my time for the last year; so this week I’m thinking about why I write it and where to go from here.


A glimpse at how I see the high calling of our daily work with some faith quotes that sum it up

I’ve always looked at all of life – work and play – being woven together into a seamless piece. Taking life so seriously made for some pretty intense play as a little kid. My poor teachers and parents. I do laugh a lot, but I always had this notion that everyone and everything in life is significant to God.

When I became a Christian, I worked hard to serve God in every way I could find. As I grew in faith and read the Bible, I was greatly relieved to learn that God is in control. I’m so glad He’s not counting on me to make things turn out right. Every moment and every person still has great value to me – it is just without heaviness of pressure to perform.

Still, to me, life is a seamless piece. If our lives are not divided up into little compartments, then we do not have a religious character and a business character and a home character. We are just us. As far as I can tell, God loves you for you anyway – not for what you can do for him.

If we matter to God, then all of our lives matter. He is not more concerned with what we do on one day than another. And preaching sermons is not more important work than changing diapers or cooking dinner.

I hope you enjoy this song by Phil Stacey. When we heard it yesterday, I was thinking about all of us with RA.  Living with RA, there are plenty of “burdens” and “hopeless” moments for “holding on”. (I’ll print the lyrics below for anyone who can’t hear the song.)

Working by faith: quote from High Calling Blogs

Maybe you noticed the new badge on Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior for the High Calling Blogs Network. This quote from their website expresses their perspective: “Our work itself should be a testimony to our creator. At, we encourage each other to remember the high calling of our daily work.” I’m hoping to be inspired by reading some of their blogs and hopefully some of their other members will learn about living with RA from reading RA Warrior.

Lyrics to Some Kind of Love

What kind of love can fill up the ocean
Won’t let you drown when you’re diving in
What kind of love takes a heart that’s frozen
And makes it heal, makes it beat again

Still it’s hard to lay these burdens down
And believe it’s gonna all work out
But somehow

Some kind of love, some kind of love
It just keeps on coming back
Who knew there was some kind of love
I want a love like that
I want a love like that

What kind of love goes into the darkness
And pulls you back when you’re on the edge
What kind of love finds you when you’re hopeless
And gives you another second chance

I was thinking I was too far gone
Wondering how I’d keep holding on
Hold on

Finds me on my knees when I can hardly breathe
When I got nothing left, You reached me

When I’m thinking that I’m too far gone
What kind of love can fill up the ocean
Won’t let you drown when you’re diving in

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