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    1. I am thankful for you, you have given me the courage to ask for help like today when I needed a huge pot of boiling water drained. I didn’t lift it myself and hurt myself, I asked for help. :)

      I am thankful for:
      my husband and his big strong muscles to lift, open and carry when I cannot

      my three wonderful doggies who are my children and make me smile every single day

      COFFEE and Redbull :) especially Starbucks <3

      My family, all of them; cousins, brothers, sister, two sets of parents…

      Babies, because they are so beautiful and precious and they smell like the fountain of youth!

      AS Meds, they make my life so much better (and able to walk)

      G-d, and the mysterious ways he works.

      The internet!

      I am so very thankful for this blog, for Kelly and her wonderful, welcoming and loving daily tweets. Her courage and dedication to helping all of us, and because of her the ability to connect with so many of you on this blog and via twitter; creating such a large, warm and loving support network for all of us.

    2. Ronda says:

      I am thankful for all things pumpkin as well,I’m obsessed!

    The Post

    Comments (4)

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