Having a Cuppa Together: a Rheumatoid Arthritis Meme

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What’s this Rheumatoid Arthritis meme about?

my first Rheumtoid Arthritis memeThis is the first meme on Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior. It’s just a set of questions that we each answer. If you’re wondering more about what a meme is, here is a good explanation I found on a site called The Daily Meme.

This RA meme is about the things we might ask each other over coffee the first time. Together, the responses to the questions create a kind of snapshot of our lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hopefully, it will be fun and we can get to know more about each other.

The photo is a snapshot of me with my new smaller camera. I’ve never taken a snapshot of myself before since I couldn’t hold the camera out with a straight arm and press. On a rare day that I had my hair washed, I found out it was pretty fun. Some of them are pretty blurry, but I liked doing it. Maybe that will be like our meme.

  1. How many other diagnoses (co-morbidities) do you have?
    I cannot count them on one hand.
  2. When were you diagnosed?
     Finally diagnosed in early 2006 after decades of symptoms.
  3. How many Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments have you tried?
    Too many. Oh ok, …5.
  4. What kind of a reward do you give yourself after taking any medicine that you hate?
    After I V’s I try to get milkshakes or smoothies for whoever comes with. After methotrexate, chocolate, rescue olives or potato chips if I’m in the mood.
  5. Who helps you open doors or jars when you need it?
    My teenage sons and my daughters are my heroes. They do as much as I will let them.
  6. What would your ultimate good rheum doc do?
    Doc would ask me where it hurts; ask me about my symptoms & my opinions. Then as treat aggressively as I am comfortable with. Also doc would insist pain be adequately treated.
  7. What’s your favorite comfort for RA?
    Hot bath or my son on my lap. Happiness is a warm puppy.
  8. What was the hardest thing you have done since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    Finding a good doctor. Finally. Taking my first I V treatment. And working on this website.
  9. What’s your biggest RA-related fear?
    That one of my children will get it.
  10. How many pills do you swallow every day?
    It varies. I need more vitamins than I want to swallow.
  11. Something surprising that you wish insurance would cover for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients?
    Quality mattress since solid rest is the best prescription for RA (after treatment).  Massage therapy by certified RA therapists (no, they don’t exist YET) Also, access to heated pools for purpose of physical therapy.
  12. What do you wish people knew about Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    How painful it is to have uncontrolled RA or RA damage. That RA is not “arthritis.” How truly brave are the warriors I know.
  13. What would you like to say to your RA? You are the most evil disease known to man. I will fight you in my life or others until the day I die.

Let’s hear your responses to the RA Warrior meme!

Please write up your answers to the questions in the comments box below. Or if you have your own blog, you are welcome to take our Warrior meme to your own page. Please just link back here to give credit. Another thing you can do is write up the meme as a Facebook note with a privacy setting that says “EVERYONE can read” and then tell us about it with a link in a comment here. I can’t wait to read them.

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