Hear My RA Interview on KISS FM! Plus Updates & Coupons

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Over the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to write very much because of 2 roadblocks:

Do you have RA in your shoulder?

Lately, I’ve just cried and lay with heat or ice on mine. Some days, I couldn’t lift it forward from my side even an inch, no matter how hard I tried. At least this time, the left side was the only one so bad. It seems to be doing better today.

The other problem was a computer virus that disabled my laptop. It took a week, but the laptop seems to be back to normal.

RA Warrior BBQ ApronIt’s such a relief to have my computer back & to be able to move around. However, RA is limiting me more than it has in the past. I’ve said before that there is a disadvantage to having patients like you and me lead a movement since we are “sick.” This is also our great advantage: we know what patients need. I am holding onto that when I feel discouraged about not being able to get any work done.

Now for the fun stuff! Hope your summer is off to a good start.

Jackie KISS fm 1) Recently I was interviewed on KISS FM out of Seattle. It was enjoyable to talk with Jackie and I hope you’ll enjoy listening! You can also pass this link on to others to tell them about RA.

Click here to hear interview with Jackie on KISS FM!

2) Our T-shirt store has sent us a coupon good for the next week. I’ve copied the details below. Click here to see all our t-shirts, mugs, and barbeque aprons.

Coupon Code: DogDays
Discount: $5 off any order!
Coupon Code: Summertime
Discount: $10 off subtotal of $50+
Coupon Code: HotSeason
Discount: $35 off subtotal of $100+

Disclaimer: Please enter coupon code DogDays or Summertime or HotSeason before completing checkout. Discount is applied to the base price and does not include shipping, taxes, or additional charges. Email us if you have questions. This offer may not be combined with other offers. Coupons valid from 6/3/2011 to 6/11/2011 11:59 pm Mtn. Time.

3) Have you noticed the blue banner at the bottom of the page? This is an opportunity to participate in surveys or forums to give the patient perspective. Participants get rewarded with gift cards.  This is a good opportunity to express your viewpoint with a little bit of repayment to you.

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