Hoping Really Hard: 2 Battles I Fight to Win

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Two things I’ve been hoping for with all my heart, so I’m doing all I can

Click to donate to the Rheum Patient FoundationIf you’ve been reading my blog long, you know I talk about hope as a verb – something you do. Hope is not something that some lucky people just have. When you’re actively hoping, you’re probably doing as much as you can too – even if it’s “only” praying.

Hope typically leads to action.

Actually, I’m really hoping this nausea will go away. That’s why I just got up and took another Pepto-Bismol.

1) Just like many of you: fighting & hoping to get as much of my life back as possible

Hoping I can find a treatment that will slow down my Rheumatoid disease, I’ve tried every type of treatment I could. I got into a clinical trial as a way to try rituximab when every other door was shut. I’m hoping really hard that Rituxan will be the one that works on me. Like I said, hope can be hard work sometimes.

2) Together with many of you: fighting & hoping to improve all our lives

There is another thing I’ve hoped hard about this year: improving the lives of people with Rheumatoid disease. The thousands of patients who write comments and letters drive me forward every day. You may know I worked with other patients throughout 2010 to establish the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. In our first year, 2011, we’ve accomplished huge steps toward our mission. While we’re growing quickly, our foundation has already accomplished so much! We should celebrate! Here’s a partial list:

  • Assembled an impressive and motivated Advisory Board
  • Organized volunteers who help accomplish our goals
  • Printed & distributed literature presenting the patient viewpoint in a professional format
  • Published a ground-breaking video The Faces of Rheumatoid Disease
  • Exhibited at the American College of Rheumatology Scientific Meeting
  • Been approved for grants for projects which fulfill our mission
  • Established working relationships with numerous professionals and organizations
  • Created a website with valuable information for patients and care-givers
  • Launched RPF social media profiles to increase awareness

Seeing how much we can accomplish, it’s not hard to imagine that we can do even more in the next year! There are so many things that can be done to improve things for people living with Rheumatoid disease! The Board of Directors of the RPF has set some exciting plans in motion to make many of the ideas patients have discussed on this site for the last couple of years become a reality! Doctors and patients have asked us for resources and tools for patient care, research collaboration, and disease awareness. The needs are so great and we, as patients ourselves, are the ones who can best meet them – and we are! Please join us now in doing all we can to help the RPF help patients!

Here’s how you can help the RPF help RAD patients right now:

  1. Make a donation to the RPF – click here. Ask others to send end-of-year donations too.
  2. Watch the new RPF Faces of Rheumatoid Disease video – click here. Don’t forget to LIKE it on YouTube and share it!
  3. Click here to get new RPF posts emailed to you or subscribe to the feed of the RPF blog called RAD Events on the RPF website to keep up to speed.
  4. Join our new RPF Facebook page – click here and share with friends.

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