The Isolation of RA Pain: Short Poem Video

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green moonMost people with RA talk about how difficult it is to explain RA pain to others. It’s frustrating to be repeatedly told that it isn’t or shouldn’t be so bad. Just today, a woman I met couldn’t wait to tell me about her friend with RA who’s able to do so much more than I can because she relies on Chinese massage instead of medicine.

Soon after I was diagnosed, I stopped talking about RA very often to avoid these experiences. Even though I write this public blog, I have the same issues as people who write to me. Many don’t get it and trying to explain it sometimes brings more anguish than it’s worth. Consequently, RA pain can be very isolating.

Those feelings are captured in today’s video which I created from a poem by Kat Dugger, one of our readers. I knew I would have precious few minutes to write up a blog while I’m here in Jacksonville for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit for three days… but I prepared this special video for you ahead of time!

Maybe the video will open up a conversation with someone. Or maybe you will just connect with Kat like I do. Please visit her blog, too.

Note: Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, I’ll be traveling home from Mayo & I’ll tell you about it soon!

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