My RA Fit Kit – Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise, Part 4

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Real RA fit kit by real RA patient videoSeveral people have asked me about the My RA Fit Kit program by UCB (Cimzia). I’ve read lots of comments from RA patients. One patient didn’t just comment. She created her own RA fit kit on video (below).


Some history on the My RA Fit Kit commercial

The first commercial was scrapped after a short run.  I can’t even find any evidence of it anywhere. I remember that the woman was about my age. She was wearing white. I remember loudly sucking air while rewinding it several times.

Fast forward. A younger prettier girl reads the same script in a more casual tone. She hits the right note. With some patients anyway.

The jury’s still out, but I think UCB (the makers of Cimzia) must be thrilled about the buzz on their remake commercial for the RA Fit Kit. Of course, like everyone else, buzz is what UCB wants. They want people to spend time on their website …to have stuff in their home with UCB’s brand on it …and to think about them or talk about them in any way.

What about the exercise in the My RA Fit Kit?

Personally, I can’t do the things the girl in the commercial does. Thousands of comments tell me I’m not alone. But she’s not alone either. There are some mild cases of RA which don’t have a devastating effect on the patient’s daily life – at least during certain periods. The statistics are hard to nail down, but there are at least as many patients like me as there are like her.

Exercise was a big part of my life while I lived with untreated, undiagnosed periodic RA flares in feet, hips, and shoulders. I was an activity warrior until five years ago. On a single day, my life changed. No medical treatment or magic juice has changed it back. One day I could do 100 pushups and the next, I could not brush my hair.

My response the My RA Fit Kit commercial

Her words sound foreign to me. I guess they were written by a highly paid writer, focus-grouped to death. Think about the fact that they stuck with their script even when they re-did the whole commercial with new people and scenery. I’ll resist the urge to pick apart the lines that made me gasp originally. Here’s a token: “Plus my knees are bad,” she says. Then what is she doing on that stair stepper?

A homemade RA fit kit for real patients

Tanya, a registered nurse, RA patient, and reader of this blog, has created her own video in response, called the Real RA Fit Kit by a Real RA Patient. She admits that she’s no fitness expert, but I think Tanya’s video is good. For those patients like me who can’t lift weights or do stair-stepping any more, this is a hopeful statement that we can do something to preserve mobility. And for those patients like the one in the commercial, who still have a bad day or whose RA eventually progresses, Tanya’s Real RA Fit Kit will be there for them.

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