My Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog: 200th Post!

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Rheumatoid Arthritis, blog, and birthday cake

It’s my birthday as I write this blog – Sunday night. Since my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, I’m so grateful for every birthday. I am so glad for another precious year to enjoy my beautiful children. Time seems to pass quickly.

In some ways, my whole reality is altered with RA. The law of gravity certainly is. Things are much heavier in this RA reality. Maybe we RA’ers need to visit the zero G of outer space!

People who do not have Rheumatoid Arthritis (Non-RA’ers) still tell me, “No, that’s not heavy” as if I can be convinced. But I cannot be convinced. Whether it’s a laptop holder or a coffee cup or a purse, it is heavy to my hands.

An RA blog, the universe, and seeing is believing

Every day I get letters from people who are so grateful to find someone who shares their reality.  Sometimes, we cannot hide RA in the closet – it is too large to fit in there. It helps us to talk to someone who seems like they are from our same planet!

Another reason I write this RA blog is a hope to allow Non-RA’ers a glimpse of our reality. Space shuttle Endeavor flew overhead tonight right before it landed at Kennedy Space Center. My house shook for several seconds. No one will ever convince those astronauts that Earth is flat. They’ve seen for themselves.

Launching ideas with an RA blog

This is post number 200 on the blog! I could hardly believe it today when I noticed that. I’m just a little girl with laptop trying to publish her reality in the enormous universe of the World Wide Web.

I spent this whole weekend updating the section of the blog called RA 101: Basic Rheumatoid Arthritis Information. There are new sections, new links, and improved organization. It is my primer on RA from a view of 10,000 feet. No spacejunk, just my reality –life with RA.

I’ll hope you’ll click here to check out RA 101 and tell others if you find it helpful.

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