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    1. Ching Ya says:

      Yay!! Happy birthday to our dearest Kelly! :) I’m so happy for you, it’s a thoughtful 200th post you did. You’ve came a long way from a new blogger to a well recognized in your field. I’m proud that you are still going strong, ever more firing to improve your site. :-) Best wishes! I know you’ll have a great year ahead!

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    2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Kelly!! I’m one of the newbies that thanks God I found your blog, and thanks Him for having someone like you on my side. Thank you for being you, and bless you for using your voice to speak out for RA.

    3. rachael says:

      happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      wheres the party tonight?lol
      love u

    4. Doreen says:

      Wow – another nail hit on the head!! I am so grateful for your blogs. Just this morning I was thinking that everything is so heavy. Even myself. I’ll stand and feel like I could just fold to the floor if I let myself go. Even just sitting her at the computer and I am feeling like I could just fold up into the chair. I wonder if the zero G in space is anything like what I feel in the pool. I don’t sink – I have a lot of built-in floatation. 😀 I like to go to the deepest part of the pool where I can’t touch bottom and just hang there – suspended in the water – no pain anywhere. Its wonderful. Until I go to get out of the pool. The weight of myself seems to have doubled or tripled while I was in the pool and its even more of a struggle than normal. So, I don’t do it alone.

      Anyway – thank you for your posts. You have validated so much of what I’m going through. I don’t feel alone anymore :-)

    5. Theresa says:

      Happy Birthday Kelly!!! :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :cake:

    6. Krista K says:

      You share a b-day with my daughter. She turned 8 yesterday! Congratulations on your blog post and I hope you had a fabulous birthday!

    7. Wren says:

      Happy belated birthday, Kelly. Here’s hoping that this new year in your life will see your RA under control and your pain reduced to nil. Your blog is wonderful — you’re doing such a great thing for all of us who share this painful and maddening disease with you. Thank you.

    8. Shannon Trevizo says:

      I was thinking after reading your post , I wonder if there is a way to sound off where we all live and post it on a map with pins.. To show how many people across the globe youve reached at this time.. Consider me Clearlake California..

      • Shannon Trevizo says:

        I think it would be fun as heck

        • Actually Google lets me see a map. Of course, I don’t know who is who, but I can see where visits come from. Maybe it would be fun to post that map on the bulletin board sometime so you all can see. We love to see how many countries & states have visitors.

          • Shannon Trevizo says:

            i think it would in a whole let us know how not alone we are when we see a pin board of how many people read you and comment on you and yanno see that we arent alone in the world.. it would be touching to see anyhow

          • Noelle says:

            I think that is a fabulous idea! It could help us with the “Is it just me, or…..” LOL

    9. shweta says:

      A very happy birthday to you Kelly and many congratulations to you on 200th post.

      It took me more than 6 years to come out and start writing about my experience with RA. And when I did, it was such a pleasant surprise to see that I had people like you telling that there is hope and that “sharing” does make a difference! Thanks so much for that!

      Wish you the most fabulous life ahead. God bless!

    10. Linda says:

      Kelly, your website is amazing! Congrats on your 200th blog and birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and resources. I find your arguments and ideas compelling. I have had RA for 20 years, been on most meds and treatments, even plasmapheresis for a time. I feel connected to your sight/blog like I have not experienced with any other RA support system.

      I am off to meet with a prior co-worker who looked me up after being diagnosed with RA. I will definitely tell her and my RA dr’s office staff about your sight. Thanks for all you do.

      Consider me San Diego, California

    11. congrats on your 200th blog post!! You sure have been busy busy! :)

    12. Ronda Brown says:

      Happy Birthday and 200th post Kelly! You are doing an incredible job. I appreciate all the careful work and study you put into it. You have helped me a great deal, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed, cried and nodded my head while reading your blog. Also, some of my family members have read your blog and learned the truth about RA.

    13. Sue Dittmer says:

      Kelly, I just recently found your website, and it is the very best thing I have ever found about RA. I do not feel alone anymore. And I shall never feel guilty because I hurt or don’t feel well. Thank you so much for all of your work and for being here. By the way, I am 55 years old and have had RA for about 5 years.
      By the way, Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    14. Noelle says:

      Happy belated Birthday, Kelly! You have helped me so much since my diagnosis! Not only have I learned so much from you and all others who post on your site, I do not feel alone and I know this is not all in my head. Thank you for your help and your compassion. I feel blessed. You are priceless.

    15. Anj says:

      Yeah – Happy Birthday to one of my favorite teachers!

    16. KimbraLee says:

      Happy Belated Birthday, Kelly! I am so grateful to have found your site … not yet ‘officially’ diagnosed, still somewhat in disbelief and a little denial – but as scary as this all is, it is such a great comfort to know that there is a place for the RA community to meet, support one another, learn, laugh and cry together. What a wonderful fellowship you continue to house and inspire. You are living proof of ‘playing big’ even in the face of a very formidable disease that threatens to limit your life as much as possible.

      You are appreciated! =)

    17. Vi D. says:

      Happy Birthday, Kelly, and congrats on your 200th blog posting! You mean so much to all of us as you validate all that our RA and JRA families go through with this dreadful disease. Hope the coming year will give you less discomfort with your own ailments and give you even more strength to continue helping us to help each other! We are all truly blessed to have you as our inspiration and our advocate!

      • Vi, I checked the date on the bottom of this post and it’s 2 yrs old! I knew we had more than 200 posts now – so that’s why. I recently checked and we have about 650 pages on the blog now. Seems like this was just last month.

    18. Pat Carter says:

      It is time to give back to this wonderful woman who gave so much to us! Be safe and best wishes.

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