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Being a superblogger versus RA blogging

I am still only a babe at blogging. Whenever I get time, I look around to see who has been at this for a while. I have noticed quite a few who are domestic goddesses, computer wizards, or supermoms.

If my life had taken a different course, maybe I too would be blogging about my gourmet cuisine, flawless flower beds, or magnificent mothering. But we know that Rheumatoid Arthritis saved me from all that. I confess I would probably still choose breathtaking brownies over discussing methotrexate um – – – nausea.

I mean no offense to anyone. I really did undertake those things, too. And I may do them again, God willing. I just have a question.

A question from an RA-blogging mom

What kind of person or mother or blogger would you be if you were suddenly unable to do those things due to illness? Do those skills or thrills define you?

I was careful to teach my children that their worth is unconditional. That has come in handy for them as the inevitable occurs: failure. I always told them to remember that God is not counting on them.

I had to teach them that in case they inherited their mom’s perfectionism.

Mary Poppins People

Of course, our significance does not depend upon perfection. Nobody’s perfect. Most of us know it well enough that we don’t really try. Or let on that we do.

If you will recall, Mary Poppins was “practically perfect. I have always loved Mary Poppins. Yes, she was magic, but she was not perfect. She knew perfectly well that’s not possible.

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