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RA message boardsThe subject of RA message boards has come up recently in a couple of conversations. I want to ask what you think. From what I’ve heard, message boards and forums are popular sources of RA information. Some are fully moderated so that posts are kept positive and kind. Others are less so.

However, none are moderated for accuracy. A couple of doctors have mentioned to me their dismay at this fact. If someone writes an opinion on an RA message board, it is often taken for fact. Some doctors complain about confusing or inaccurate information. Maybe that is why one doctor practically laughed in my face about using the internet.

Why Rheumatoid Arthritis message boards are popular

While it frustrates some doctors, there are good reasons many people with RA seek help online. RA’ers require support and information. I know I did. This is probably also why there are so many blogging about Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I can think of five reasons Rheumatoid Arthritis is a most frustrating disease, requiring plenty of assistance:

  1. RA is an extremely complicated disease.
  2. RA is invisible, so support and accommodation is sometimes minimal.
  3. RA medications are complex and cause side effects.
  4. RA is emotionally devastating because of the intense pain and sudden disability.
  5. RA patients need help finding ways to manage sudden disability

What do you think about RA message boards?

  1. Do you use message boards more for support or information?
  2. How soon did you search online for Rheumatoid Arthritis information?
  3. How does your doctor react if you quote something that you read on the internet?

Note: The Facebook page for RA Warrior fans functions much like a message board. There is a wall for comments & discussion threads for various topics. The fans can keep the conversation going and post links they find helpful. It is also common to see questions posted so that others can add their opinions. I have postponed adding a message board to this website for now, but you are welcome to join the fabulous & positive group on our Facebook page.

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