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Sunset from WalMart

Real life RA Warrior meet-up

Something special happened to me yesterday. While on my trip, I got to meet a fellow RA Warrior in person. It was sweet.

I think we were both excited just to see each other in the flesh. It is great to get to see the real person behind the thumbnail photo. And even better to get a real hug.

We could also swap RA stories and compare hands. Stuff you can’t see in the thumbnail.

A couple of times, Cindy has been a source of encouragement to me. Of course, I am much happier encouraging others, as I’ll bet you are too. Oh well, maybe I will get my chance to be the encourager another time.

It was helpful to me to hear her tell about her process of acceptance of the Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis.

We also laughed about the ridiculous cures that have been offered to us such as multivitamins. The visit was much too brief though.

Still, she earned the new handle “Pizza Dealer” after we spent half an hour trying to get a pizza delivered to my hotel. Finally, she ended up having to negotiate in person while she went to recover the pizzas. She seemed unflappable. What a fantastic lady.

I know that each one of you is a real flesh and blood warrior just like Cindy and I are. What a privilege it is to talk with you every day here on the blog. Until we can all meet in person, I will be thrilled with the thumbnails.

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