Toby Mac “Made to Love” & Thanks for Your Help

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Thanks for your faithfulness and appeal for your help

Roo's puppiesDuring the last couple of years, I’ve posted like the mailman – come hell or high water. Often, I’ve finished writing blogs or creating the images in the middle of the night – whatever it takes to be sure it’s always there. And you’ve been there, too.

The last few days, I’ve been more under the weather than usual. I’ll be fine, but it will take me a few more days to catch up. There are some fantastic projects and events coming soon and I need to be patient with myself and my health.

Three ways you can help right now

People often ask how they can help. Here are three things you can do right away.

  1. Vote for me in a contest. Some friends on Twitter have nominated me for the Shorty (Twitter) Award for use of Twitter for “health.” It would be so great for our community if I won. However, I haven’t been able to do much to compete in the campaign for votes. You could help by finding me every vote possible on Twitter. Click here to vote. You must say “why” you’re voting for me after the “because…”  You can re-post this contest information on your Facebook or Twitter to get others to vote. Voting only takes about 10 seconds.
  2. Reply to each other. Keep an eye out over on the sidebar at the recent comments gadget I installed a couple of months ago called “Join the Conversation.” You can click through all the recent comments on the blog. Hint: they’re not always on the top post. I try to be sure that everyone always gets a reply, but at times like this, I can easily get 30 to 40 comments behind. You can help by welcoming newcomers or just letting others know that you are listening.
  3. Spread the word. Help others find the blog or certain pages here that they need. There is so much here and I’m working on more ways to make it even easier to find information.  But you can help by giving people links or emailing pages that would help them.

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