What About Rheumatoid Arthritis Pictures?

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Bringing Rheumatoid Arthritis pictures to a doctor

Do you think about your appointment with the rheumatologist before you go? About what you’ll ask or tell him (or her) when you see him? Over the months, I save up the concerns and the questions. This time, I also saved up my Rheumatoid Arthritis pictures.

In the beginning, the podiatrist saw my misshapen feet with the toes pointing 90 degrees to all sides. But by the time I got to the rheumatology doctor, the swelling was much less. It never occurred to me to take pictures of the Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Is a Rheumatoid Arthritis picture worth 3 words: I still hurt?

Last week the back specialist told me I don’t look like I have RA. I don’t want to look sick, so I did try pretty hard to clean up. It was the first time I’d been able to wash my hair in 2 weeks.  

Over the last few months, I finally began to take pictures of my joints or rashes or swelling. Of course, I can’t get all the pain to show up in pictures, so it’s still disappointing. I haven’t gone off all treatment so that I could get better RA pictures. But with guys like that back doctor, that crazy thought crossed my mind.

I’ve written before that it would be really helpful if pain were a color – like they color it on medical illustrations. I’ve actually thought of using colored markers to tattoo my pain onto my body like a map for the doc. “Doc, can you see where it hurts now?” I still think I’ll do that. Don’t worry I won’t forget to take pictures.

Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Pictures

Over the last several months, some lovely people have been sending me their Rheumatoid Arthritis pictures unsolicited. It has been moving to receive them since each one of them has asked me to “use these Rheumatoid Arthritis pictures to show the truth about RA or help the cause.” I’ve planned to use them on a Rheumatoid Arthritis Pictures Page here on the website. I’m working on that page now, so if you’d like to add a Rheumatoid Arthritis picture of your own, please email it to me kelly@ rawarrior.com. There will be no names on the page, and no one will be able to identify your hand or whatever joint you photograph. I promise I’ll find the best way possible to use it to help our cause.


My lovely daughter Katie Beth has set up a great new sign up page for the upcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior Newsletter. To sign up, click here.

Woman’s Day

Have any of your letters to Woman’s Day been answered? Please let me know. If you haven’t seen my video or written to Woman’s Day, please click here.

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